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St. Patricks Day Light Up Bow Tie

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Gold can be pretty dang shiny, but at night it's a little hard to shine when there are no lights out. So if you want to show off how much of a flashy outfit you've got, you'll have to bring some sort of a light along with you. Or you could always just get a sweet accessory that has a couple festive lights built right into it! This St. Patty's Day Holiday Light Up Bow Tie does pretty much exactly what the title tells you; you push a button and it lights up a couple shamrocks right on the tie. But it does it in such great fashion that we know you'll love it. You'll especially dig this big shiny beacon of unrefined Irish class if you pair it with a full green and shiny gold outfit, or maybe just a sweet hat. Keep looking around the site and you're sure to find something else you'll like to go right with it.

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