Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults

Halloween is not just for kids and grown-ups had better get prepared for the holiday in case you receive a last-minute party invitation. No Halloween party is fun without a creepy or just silly outfit. If you have very little time and would rather avoid extra expenses try one of the following quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas that will help get into the festive spirit just in several minutes.

Adult Halloween Costumes

Gold Digger

Make your friends laugh with this rather flat rib on contemporary moneygrubbers.

How to: Put on all the gold jewelry you have: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings; the more, the better. Wear gold or metallic clothing and footwear. To make your look complete, take a lightweight shovel in the garage and carry it around with you all night.

Time Flies

A playful wall clock is required to make this disguise fun.

How to: Attach a long piece of string or rope to the back of the clock. Wear the clock like a necklace around your neck and make sure you secure a pair of costume wings to your back.


Skip Mona Lisa this time, there's another muse waiting to be worshiped.

How to: Pick a frame that's big enough to showcase you from the bust up. To create a classical look, tie your hair back into a bun or a low ponytail and wear ruffles or a cameo around your neck. Attach a mailing label or plain white sticker with your name signed to the top left corner of your shirt. Make sure the artist's "signature" is seen from the bottom of the frame.

Iron Chef

If you want your costume to be the best at the party, try this one, with this smart hint at the popular Food Network show.

How to: Put on a white chef’s hat and tie an apron around your waist. Then tuck a ladle, spatula, and pasta server inside the pockets. As a final touch, take a clothing iron and carry it around with you all night long.

Life of the Party

It turns out that a popular breakfast cereal is not only for kids.

How to:  Put on a party hat and take along some confetti and a plastic horn. Then just grab a full or empty box of the cereal and carry it around with you at the party.

Sick and Tired

Feeling a little blue? Looking at you wearing this costume anyone who really is in no mood to have a good time will get the ultimate get-up.

How to: Your favorite pajamas will serve as a base of your costume. So, put it on, then, put a thermometer in your mouth, hold an ice pack to your head, and make the costume complete by carrying around a pillow.

Halloween Pajama Costume

Smartie Pants

What it takes to look intelligent is just a hot glue gun and a bag of candy.

How to: It is hard to imagine an easier last-minute Halloween costume than this:  just use hot glue to secure rolls of Smarties candies onto a pair of old pants. Put on a pair of old-fashioned thick-rimmed, geeky glasses for a truly scholarly look.

Shell Shocked

This aquatic costume is rather creative and easy to implement as well.

How to: Put on an old tunic over a swimsuit and wear flip-flops to complete your look. Adorn your tunic with various shells by gluing them onto your outfit. Then, to make just-shocked look tease your hair and spritz it with hair spray. For long hair, consider pinning it up first and then tease the top half.

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