Easy 4th of July Crafts

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  • Patriotic House
  • 4th of July Jello
  • Easy Fireworks Vases
  • Festive Laterns
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Instead of purchasing costly 4th of July decorations, fill your home with patriotic spirit with these easy to make but cute looking decorations. With our step-by-step craft instructions you will be able to adorn your house in patriotic red, white and blue to commemorate this year's Independence Day.

1. Show Your Colors

Add flair anywhere with a patriotic fabric pennant banner!

You'll Need:

White paper

Fabric, solids or patterns (patterns should be on both sides)

Ruler and pencil or printer


Stitch Witchery or similar fusible bonding tape

Double-fold wide bias tape

Spray starch

An iron

How to Make:

1. Draw a triangle which is 6" wide and 8" long and cut it out.

2. Get various fabrics and use the pattern to cut triangles. Make three pennants for every 2' of banner; and you will need to cut 18 triangles for a 12' banner.

3. Spray triangles with starch so the fabric doesn't fray.

4. Cut bias tape making sure there is 1' extra at each end for hanging.

5. Fold tape in half and use an iron to make a crease, then open flat.

6. For each pennant you need to cut two 6" lengths of Stitch Witchery. Beginning 1' from the end, put a length of Stitch Witchery onto lower half of bias tape. Cover Stitch Witchery with a pennant and iron as written on instructions on the package. Put a length of Stitch Witchery on top of pennant, fold upper half of bias tape down over Stitch Witchery and iron.

7. Repeat the previous step for each pennant and arrange pennants about 2" apart.

2. Patriotic Clothespin Wreath

Not only is this decorative and cute clothespin wreath extremely easy to make but it can also be quickly modified to suit every holiday.

You’ll Need:

Acrylic paint in red, white and blue

Small flat paintbrushes


80 wooden clothespins

10"-wide embroidery hoop

Small silver and red star stickers

1"-to 1 1/2"- wide red ribbon, 18" long (optional)

Hot-glue gun or glue dot (optional)

How to Make:

1. Spread out newspaper not to smear the working table and paint 20 clothespins blue, 30 red and 30 white. Let dry, then cover the top of each clothespin with a second coat and let dry completely.

2. The embroidery hoop will serve as the base of the wreath. Clip blue clothespins side by side to the hoop so that twice-painted tops face up. Blue clothespins should occupy approximately ¼ of the hoop. For the "stripes" attach red and white clothespins the same way side by side to the rest of the hoop in groups of four or five.

3. Adorn the blue section of the wreath with silver and red star stickers and tie red ribbon into a bow and use glue to adhere it to the bottom of the wreath.

4. Pound a nail or use a wreath hanger to hang the wreath making sure that blue clothespins are in upper-left position.

3. Stars and Stripes

Make a myriad of stars using patterned paper.

You'll Need:

11" x 17" or 12" x 18" sheet construction paper or two-sided scrapbook paper or two-sided color copies of fabric

Monofilament or ribbon




Bone folder (or butter knife)



Small hole punch

How to Make:

1. To make a large star, cut paper to 10" x 16"; for a smaller star, measure paper to 7" x 12".

2. Spread the paper on the table placing a short edge near you. Beginning with the nearest edge to you, accordion-fold the paper. If you are making a large star, make each pleat 1"; if a smaller one, make each pleat ¾". Smooth each crease with bone folder. Go on until all the sheet is folded (make sure the last pleat faces the same direction as the first one). Cut off any excess.

3. Holding folds closed, make a hole through midpoint with a pushpin. Thread about 4" of monofilament through the hole and make a tight knot. Then trim loose ends.

4. With folds still held closed, cut each end at a 45-degree angle to make points that resemble stars.

5. Fan out folds forming a circle and secure the edges together with tape.

6. Punch a hole at the top of star, ½" from edge. Thread monofilament or ribbon through and hang.

4. Star Spangled Sparklers

If you plan to through the 4th of July party your guests will be nicely surprised with these handmade candy-filled firecracker favors made from mailing tubes.

You'll Need:

Mailing tubes and plugs in assorted sizes

Assorted ribbons and rickrack

Red, white and blue construction paper


Glue stick

Silver tassels

Star-shaped paper punch

How to Make:

1. Get a tube and cover it in construction paper, then secure with glue stick.

2. With the help of scissors or a knife cut a small slot in one plug. Thread silver tassels through the hole and tie in a knot to secure.

3. Use glue to adhere star-shaped cutouts and ribbons on tubes for decoration. If you wish you may fill them with candy or small biscuits before presenting them as party favors.

5. Red, White and Blue Daisy Vase.

Recycle an old tin into a centerpiece-worthy DIY Daisy Vase that is sure to add patriotic flair to any bunch of flowers.

You'll Need:

Empty tin can

2 sheets of 12" x 12" scrapbook paper, in red, white and blue patterns


Red construction paper

Hot glue gun


Glue stick

Double-sided tape

Medallion ornament

Pinking shears, optional

How to Make:

1. Get an empty tin can, wash it and dry. Then remove any sharp edges.

2. Wrap construction paper around the can, then use glue stick to seal the edge.

3. Cut 2 strips of scrapbook paper making sure that each strip of paper is about 1" longer than it is necessary to wrap around the can. Attach 1 strip to upper rim, then use the tape to seal the edge. Repeat the process for the lower rim.

4. With the help of pinking shears, cut a piece of scrapbook paper of contrasting color as wide as you desire, but about 1" longer than needed so that you could easily wrap it around the can. After you center the strip on the can just seal the edge with tape.

5. Use hot glue to attach paper medallion ornament onto the blue strip.

6. Pour some water and insert flowers, trying not to get the paper wet.

6. Decorate the Doorway

This eye-catching homemade wreath commemorated to the Fourth of July will welcome your guests and neighbors to celebrate the day.

You'll Need:

12" x 12" sheets of scrapbook paper

18" green Styrofoam wreath

4 yards of 1 1/2" wide ribbon

Bone folder or metal ruler



Double-sided tape

Assorted star stickers

Hot-glue gun

How to Make:

1. To make a large medallion you need to cut a sheet of paper into 6 pieces, each measuring 4" x 6". (For a medium-size one, use 3" x 6" sheets, and to create a small sized one, use a 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" sheet.)

2. Accordion-fold each piece of paper widthwise in 3/8" wide pleats. Smooth each crease with a bone folder or the edge of a metal ruler.

3. Take each pleated piece of paper and fold it in half, then tape inner edges together. Gently spread pleats apart. To make a circle arrange three fanned pieces together and use tape to join. Then place a star sticker in the center. Now the medallion is ready. Repeat all the previous steps to make more medallions to adorn the wreath. 40 medallions will be enough to complete the wreath.

4. Wrap the wreath in ribbon and tie ends to secure. Hot-glue each medallion beginning with the largest medallion and continue with medium and small sized ones until the wreath completely covered. Finally glue ornaments in place.

7. Stellar Tablecloth

Give your table a festive and patriotic look with this cute stellar tablecloth.

 You'll Need:

Fabric tablecloth

Star-shaped cookie cutters in various sizes

Scraps of fabrics that you used to make pennants 

Fine-tip felt marker

Glue stick


Straight pins

How to Make:

1. Put fabric scraps onto flat surface with wrong side up. Lay cookie cutter on each fabric scrap and trace around it. Cut out.

2. You need to cut many stars in different sizes from each fabric, 20 to 40 stars in all.

3. Spread tablecloth on the table where it will be used. Mark the spots where the stars will be placed using straight pins. Arrange them in such a way that they are situated next to the front edge of the cloth and then are scattered on front drop.

4. Lay tablecloth flat on your worktable. Glue the stars to the tablecloth removing straight pins as you work.

5. When the festive party is over, gently remove the stars and wash the tablecloth to remove the glue.

8. Star Stamp Tees

Engage all your family and friends in decorating their own patriotic tees with homemade star stamps. Kids and grown-ups of all ages will enjoy this easy but fun activity.

You'll Need:

White t-shirts

Star-shaped cookie cutters, small and medium size

Cutting board

Chef knife

Two large potatoes

Paring knife

Red and blue inkpads

Paper towels

How to Make:

1. Place a potato onto the cutting board and cut it in half across width. Press small cookie cutter at least ½" into potato. Carefully cut away pieces around the star with paring knife, so the star appears. Repeat on the other half of the potato.

2. Cut the other potato in half down the length. Press medium cookie cutter at least ½" into potato. Carefully cut away pieces around the star with paring knife, so the star appears. This way you will get two small star stamps and two larger ones, creating one stamp for each color in both sizes.

3. Spread a t-shirt on flat surface. Press potato stamp onto inkpad, then use paper towel to wipe off excess ink. Carefully press potato stamp onto t-shirt. Make as many stars as you wish to create a custom design.

9. Make a Wreath in Minutes

This charming star wreath can be easily created within several minutes. Just use glue gun to adhere paper stars onto a wreath form, and then adorn with wide grosgrain ribbon attached to the inner and outer edges.

10. Festive Lanterns

Decorate your deck or patio with these colorful lanterns made from simple craft paper.

How to Make:

1. Roll sheets of colorful craft paper, then adorn with paper-edging scissors and star punches.

2. Use tape to secure the handles, and then push simple string lights through the handles.

3. You can decorate your porch railings with strands of lanterns, wrap them around porch columns, or hang them from the edge of a buffet table.

11. Display a Banner

To make the holiday banner glue large paper stars onto long lengths of plain red fabric. Tuck a wide banner between porch rails for display.

12. Arrange Buckets of Pretty Daisies

Place decorative pails with pretty daises on the steps to add festive look to your home. Paint red, white and blue stripes on the ordinary galvanized flower buckets, then adorn with paste paper star cutouts.

13. Decorate the Table

Instead of having flowers as a traditional centerpiece, decorate the table with bunches of flags. You may anchor the flags in red, white and blue gum balls for enhanced holiday-themed color.

14. Paint a Colorful Drinks Cooler

Prepare these sturdy patriotic buckets to have your beverages cooled.  These are easy to craft: just purchase solid color pails or buckets at your local hardware store and paint stars or add colorful stickers.