Mary Johnson

Hi, I'm Mary Johnson and I work for Since childhood I've enjoyed keeping my hands busy with various crafts and sewing. My love of crafting was so strong that I spent most of my free time creating unique things that I could share with my big family and friends. As a teenager I became so passionate about these things that I started looking for ideas for crafting in the Internet and various craft magazines, which were a huge influence on me. I worked hard to enhance my crafting skills and I think I did well as more and more people asked me to make some original stuff for them And that is when I started making my own money doing things I would be happy to do just for free. Now I am very happy with my job at because as a craft expert I can share the most inspirational designs with our site users. I am particularly interested in finding simple and quick to make one-of-the kind crafts that will look nice in your home and bring joy to your kids as well. Whether you are looking for charmingly beautiful holiday decorations to create celebration atmosphere or cute crafts for the kids to enjoy, you will find all that at, your best recourse of creative ideas of all sorts.