Steve Hale

Hi, I am Steve Hale, an employee of, and I would like to say a couple of words about myself and the job I am doing. My hobby is traveling and I think that the best way to see all the beauty of our country is to travel by car. Of course it takes much more time than just traveling by air, but believe me, it is much more enriching and meaningful, allowing you to see tons of interesting places on the way. Cross-country trips have been my hobby for more than 10 years and now my family and I try to use every time out from work to have a road trip to discover and explore some unique places we have never visited before. As a road trip expert I am very excited to be able to share my experience with anyone planning a cross-country trip. I hope that my collection of articles about road trip planning will help you enjoy your car trip as much as possible. Here you will find tips on what stuff to pack, how to entertain kids on the road, what food to take with you and how to plan long-haul car trips to quite remote areas to minimize stress and fatigue. I am also happy to be able to find and offer our customers lots of new products that make traveling easier and more fun.