10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas

  • Fork Intheroad
  • Pumpkin Pi
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Split P
  • Bottle Neck
  • Money Illo
  • Iron Chef
  • Self Portrait
  • Tickled Pink
  • Catout Bag

Instead of buying that expensive Morticia Addams costume peruse our list of inspired and creative, but not creepy Halloween costume ideas that you can implement within several minutes.

Fork in the Road

Put on black outfit. With the help of white duct tape, make a line of dashes that will serve as your lane lines. Make sure that that the line starts at one ankle and ends at your collar. Attach a fork somewhere along the route.

Pumpkin Pi

Wear orange clothes. To make a festive Pumpkin Pi T-shirt you need to cut out a pi symbol from black paper (or print one out; type option + p) and then attach it to the shirt using tape.

Ceiling Fan

Get adhesive letters or masking tape to spell go ceiling on a shirt. Carry pom-poms or mopheads to make the costume complete. If you wish you may also wear short pleated skirt.

Split P

Get a piece of colored construction paper and cut out a large letter p, then cut it in half. Use tape to secure it to your hoodie in such a way that the zipper seems to slice it in half.


Take an empty bottle and tie a string around its neck, then loop it around yours. Lament all night about "traffic on the 501".


Use tape to attach a $1 bill to each of your ears. Now you have a buck an ear.

Iron Chef

Put on a chef's hat or an apron and carry an iron.


Get a large, empty picture frame without the glass and hold it opposite your face.

Tickled Pink

Wear rose or fuchsia and add a feather boa of the same color as an accessory.

Cat Out of the Bag

Put on cat ears. Appear carrying an empty bag or pillowcase.