5 Beach Wedding Ideas For Tight Budget Times

  • Exotic Blooms
  • Off Season Wedding Date
  • Potted Plants
  • Votive Candles

Having a fabulous beach wedding is quite possible even if your budget is rather limited. In this article we will offer some beach wedding budget ideas that will help you have the beach wedding of your dream without sacrificing beauty but will also leave you with more money for your honeymoon or down payment on a mortgage.

1. Centerpieces or Place Card Holders.

Instead of decorating centerpieces with formal and rather costly arrangements consider using driftwood. You might use some sea shells and candles, and perhaps some palm leaves or single exotic blooms. These centerpieces will suit the relaxed and romantic beach wedding atmosphere even better. 

2. Green Reception.

If your beach wedding location is within a driving distance, you might decorate the site with potted plants rather than cut flower arrangements. These potted plants can be used later to decorate your new house, or will serve as excellent gifts to your parents and friends as wedding favors. Consider using small potted plants to adorn the tables and later they will be given as gifts for your guests. Visit Wedding Gifts page to get more ideas about inexpensive but cute wedding favors for your friends and relatives.

3. Votive Candles.

To create twinkling romance put votives on top of inexpensive mirror rounds that will reflect the light. Or you can hang the votives from trees using simple wire, or attach them to cheap metal poles stuck in the sand. 

4. Off-season Wedding Date.

Instead of getting married in April or May, which are the most popular months for beach weddings, consider having a South Florida, Florida Keys, or Caribbean destination beach wedding during the "off-peak time" between holidays and the holiday crunches. This way you will not only considerably decrease your weddings costs but will also enjoy much more privacy!  For example, even during winter time, Miami temperature typically ranges from the high 60's or low 70's which is just ideal for a wedding, and the Caribbean breezes will add the right doze of refreshment all year round.

5. Friday or Sunday Wedding Date.

While everyone seems to want a Saturday night for a wedding think about celebrating a romantic beach wedding on Friday or Sunday instead. On Saturday night the wedding venues are most crowded and most expensive so by scheduling your special event on Friday or Sunday you will be able to cut your wedding costs too. Plus if you schedule your flight on Tuesday or Wednesday you will save on your airfare as well. For more information about discounted airline tickets and inexpensive wedding packages check out Expedia.com, OneTravel.com or CheapOair.com, known for the best prices in the industry.