All-Time Favorite Travel Wares

Travel WaresEvery traveler surely has some things he never travels without. Some people may always take with them something to bring back memories or they just got used to traveling with some unexpected item that can be used in a number of ways like a shower cap used for shoe storage or a magic spray that irons out the wrinkles. With these things you are ready for any unpredictable circumstances as they make you feel like a travel boss. 

We made a survey of most popular travel must-haves and discovered things Americans never travel without.

1. All-Star Bags

Always-Packed Cosmetic Bag: This cosmetics bag ($30) is indispensable in any trip.  And it can be used not only for cosmetics. Here you can not only keep tweezers, Neosporin and Band-Aids but also body lotions and even souvenirs from trips.

Multi-Use Makeup Bag: The little LeSportSac makeup bag ($20) can be used as an ideal passport holder. Its pockets are very convenient for keeping such travel necessities as passport, boarding pass, a pen to fill out forms, iPhone headphones, some foreign cash, Tylenol and other stuff.

Pacsafe Slingsafe GII: Many travelers prefer to use backpacks as their carry-on luggage during the flight. This backpack ($83) is very lightweight but still there is enough room inside to keep all the things necessary during the flight, including the iPad. It is also safe to carry on even the relatively shabby streets. With all the pockets closed, and the straps unhooked you can easily wrap it around a chair leg to deter snatchers.

2. All-Star Travel Style

Travel-Ready Dress: With Kamali Kulture dresses (from $96) by Norma Kamali you will feel natural in practically any country. And there is extra bonus: you can just ball them up and put them in your bag, and no matter how long your trip is it always arrives in perfect condition. In addition, this collection is really inexpensive.

Lightweight Scarf: No trip is complete without a lightweight scarf that can be used as a shawl on chilly airplanes, as a pillow when bunched up during tiresome road trips, and as a scarf in cold weather. It can also protect you from the sun and will look nice over your bikini on the beach. 

Easy Cotton Kaftan: Blue floral cotton Kaftan, that can be purchased at the Anokhi shop ($105) online is ideal as a swim cover-up or you can wear it on with jeans for a casual evening out.

3. All-Star Shoes

Chic Flats: Packing for a trip don’t forget about taking flats as they're much easier to fit in a carry-on. Chic, comfortable, and very light, French Soles (from $150) are available with choices in every color and trend you can only imagine. You can wear them with an outfit and feel comfortable kicking about town. They can be bought online but if you happen to be in New York visit their outlet to score great discounts.

Walking Shoes: Tom's (from $40) shoes are so comfortable and lightweight, that you can take several pairs in different colors to match different outfits. They are versatile as well which makes them perfect for long walking trips and romantic strolls out.

Clogs: They may not be very elegant, but Dansko Professional clogs (from $125) are extremely comfortable. And you will appreciate how easily they slip on and off that makes them ideal for getting through airport security.

4. All-Star Gadgets

Power Strip & Emergency Battery: While staying at a hotel most travelers need a number of outlets for laptops, cell phone chargers and e-readers. With a mini power strip you won’t have to move the furniture, as it helps keep everything localized and easily accessible. But if the batteries do die, you may always use the emergency USB-juiced power packs ($35) to revive them.

Portable Speakers: Portable speakers ($20) that plug into an iPod will drown out the noise and will guarantee you that no outside sound will wake you up in the morning. Extra bonus: they can also add a nice soundtrack to evening cocktails on the hotel balcony.

Noise-Canceling Headphones: In spite of the fact that QuietComfort 15 Bose headphones ($300) are larger than earbuds, they are must-haves in the carry-on during any trans-Atlantic trip. They not only perfectly shut out airplane noise, but also can be used for binge-watching TV shows on iPad.

5. All-Star Hybrids

Dryer Sheets: A good idea is to pack used dryer sheets (approx. $5) in the suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh. The reason why used ones are preferable is that they don't leave a residue whereas fresh dryer sheets do.

Masking Tape: Believe it or not but brown masking tape ($5.50) is a great thing to travel with. First, it can be used to tape down the lids of any packable liquids. When on the road, the trusty roll of tape will easily remove lint. And naturally it may come in handy in those unpredictable situations where something breaks or leaks.

Shower Caps: Before putting your shoes in the suitcase cover the shoe bottoms with reusable shower caps (approx. $5) that can be purchased at the drugstore (these are more durable than those you can find in the hotel bathroom). This way you will keep icky street dirt off your clean clothes. 

Convertible Pants: If you are the kind of person who never wears shorts Columbia convertible pants ($60) are right for you then.  They are great for hiking and any other kind of outdoor activity. Since they are very lightweight they are ideal for hot weather, perfectly protecting from sun and bugs. You will also appreciate how comfortable these pants are when you wear them during the flight. They have two side pockets which are ideal for documents. Use the zipper pocket to secure your passport, boarding pass and cash.

6. 3 Fluid Ounce All Stars

Sunscreen: Sunscreen protection is very important as it protects the skin from harmful effects of UVA and UVB helping keep your skin young and beautiful. The best bet is fragrance free Elta MD Sunscreen (from $13) providing reliable stable UVA and UVB coverage. It's rather natural and is good for everyday use. Make sure you keep it handy in your carry-on during the flight especially when you're high above the clouds where sun protection is a must.

Moisturizer: If you are going to the beach or on a hiking tour and there is no need to use make up with Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer ($14) you will always look great. It's SPF 30 which guarantees that you’ll never get sunburned on your face while using it, and you don’t need to reapply it. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Cleansing Towlettes: With Olay Wet Cleansing Towelettes (from $5) you will always feel fresh as a daisy after or during the flight. While "normal" ones have a pretty, refreshing scent, the "sensitive" skin version is fragrance-free and therefore can be used by men as well.

Wrinkle Releaser: After a tiresome flight or a day out on a sightseeing tour Downey Wrinkle Releaser (travel size from $2.50; larger bottles from $8.50) will make you presentable for dinner or even the opera. Downey is also available in travel size, but if you failed to find it you may just pour 3 ounces in a small spray bottle to carry it during the flight.

7. All-Star Comforts

Cozy Socks: Add a touch of elegance to trips in coach with a pair of J.Crew cashmere socks ($69.50). Surrounded by gloomy fleece blankets and spongy pillows during overnight flights you will feel like traveling business class wearing these comfortable and extremely tender socks. Planes can be really freezing sometimes, and these socks will keep your toes from going blue.

Cozy Slippers: Once you find your seat on a plane or enter your hotel room kick off your shoes and put on these Muji Travel Slippers ($10.50). They are so cozy and easy to travel with (just fold them up and put in a little drawstring bag) that you will feel as if you are at home even at the most distant destination trip.