Baby Shower Planning Tips

Baby Shower Planning Tips

Birthday CakeThe birth of a baby is the biggest event in everyone’s life which is typically preceded by a baby shower, appropriately meaningful. Fortunately throwing a sunny shower that everyone will enjoy does not require spending a lot of time and money. Peruse the following baby shower plan developed to truly honor the beginning of new life. With the following easy but creative ideas plus a few personal touches you will be able to plan the perfect baby shower and elicit oohs and aahs from your guests.

Choose Fun Invitations.

Consider making your baby-shower invitation into a mock library slip for the mom-to-be’s “Great Expectations.” Write the party details on a vertical index card, stamp the baby’s due date at the bottom, and mail the card in a coin envelope. You can purchase everything to make this fun invitation at an office-supply store.

Decorations & Setup

Baby’s breath which was long used as mere filler is extremely beautiful on its own if it is gathered in a large bunch. It is quite cheap and can easily be purchased at any florist shop. Neutral enough to fit any interior, it looks best when dropped generously into a tall ceramic or glass vase.

Alternative Seating

Planning to throw a baby shower think about where to seat all your guests. If you lack some chairs you may provide throw pillows or ottomans for the younger guests to sit on. And try to spend not more than an hour (better less than an hour) on gift opening so that all guests won’t start feeling bored.

Double-Duty Decorations

Small pots of thyme with Popsicle sticks slipped in that identify the herb will add your shower a garden-party feel (and, due to a play on words, announce the upcoming event).

Personalized Favor Idea

With the help of block letter stamps you will be able to turn a number of blank matchboxes into custom favors. Blank matchboxes and stamps are available at most websites that offer party supplies. If you wish, you can even make extra for the couple to use at their own parties. Another idea is to offer your guests some paper cocktail napkins as well.

Candy Decorations

Your baby-shower table will look exclusively great with Champagne glasses, each filled with a perfect coupling of jelly-bean flavors such as coconut with pineapple, lemon with lime, and cherry with vanilla.

Pretty Place Settings

Even a simple baby shower will become really special if you turn ordinary white napkins into little bundles of joy. All you have to do is to knot a narrow ribbon around a plastic rattle, then loop the ribbon around the folded napkin and finish it off with a bow.

Gifts as Centerpiece

Instead of purchasing an elaborate and probably costly centerpiece, pile presents wrapped in patterned papers and pastel bows on the coffee or buffet table for an eye-pleasing moment of delight.

Creative Baby Shower Food & Drink

Below we offer some easy baby shower food ideas that all come with a little twist, including such traditional delights as crustless tea sandwiches, delicious desserts and bubbly cocktails.

You menu may include: Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Sweet Pea Soup, Tea Sandwiches, Lemon Squares and Frozen Chocolate Sandwiches.

Two kinds of drinks can be served: one spiked bubbly cocktail and one not spiked cocktail to please all the guests, including the pregnant ones. If you would like to treat your guests with something unusual, mix up a batch of deliciously creamy rum-infused rice milk.

• Cinnamon Rice Milk

• Cranberry-Ginger Fizzes

• Passion Fruit Sparklers

The Activity

Planning activities for a baby shower consider the following game which is easy to play, and appeals to all ages.

Who’s Who?

Ask each guest to bring to a shower party a picture of herself as an infant. Then pin all the photographs to a clothesline and string it along a wall. You may ask guests to try to decipher one cute face from the next. Your guests can casually point out their photos while walking down the line. Or, offer the guests to have a true game: number the clothespins and ask guests to put down their guesses about who is depicted on which photo. The hostess will keep a master list and act as a judge.

Gift-Unwrapping Stash

Prepare in advance the supplies the honoree will need to unwrap the gifts and keep the gift unwrapping stash at hand. You will need scissors, large trash bags, a notebook and a pencil to record the gifts and their givers, and sticky labels to help keep similar gifts (such as platters or glassware) straight.


It is not difficult to open the presents but to quickly and efficiently help the guest of honor pack them back up is a far more challenging job.


The first thing you should do is to group the gifts. You may place the gifts in labeled shopping bags or boxes according to type, for example baby clothes in one and toys in another. By doing this you will simplify the process of unpacking all the loot for the honoree when she arrives home.

If it is difficult to take both handles of the shopping bag full of presents, you can easily fashion a sturdy handle out of packing tape. To make a new handle you need to cut a 16-inch strip of tape and fold it in half lengthwise, adhesive sides in, so that it is still 16 inches long but half as wide and not sticky to touch. Then thread the strip through the bag’s handles, tie the ends of the strip above the handle and seal them together with more tape. This loop is your new handle.

If the honoree lives in another town and is going to travel with excess baggage, consider shipping the gifts directly from your house to hers. To do this you need to prepare a stockpile of shipping boxes and labels.

When packing baby shower presents use the discarded wrapping and tissue paper from the opened presents to cushion fragile items. Even if the breakable items are safely packed in individual boxes, extra padding between boxes will protect against jostling.