Back to School Party Ideas

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Every kid no matter how old he or she is feels excited about going back to school. So consider throwing a fun back to school party to help kids dive into a new school year with positive feelings. We suggest using such back to school themed ideas as decorations, foods, and fun activities to create a festive mood and bring the right doze of excitement, especially if your little ones feel sorry that the summer is drawing to the end.

1. Host a Back to School Party.

The best way to get the kids excited for going back to school instead of dreading it is to plan a back to school party inspired by a real school schedule. To make this celebration look similar to real school, turn any venue into a school and divide the activities into several "periods".

Step 1: Create your guest list & send invites

The easiest way to invite kids to the party is to send online invitations, especially if the friends of your kids go to different schools. Make sure your invitation includes information concerning the place and time of the party as well as anything that guests should bring.

 Step 2: Organize the "class schedule".

Plan different activities you want the kids to be engaged in. You may assign each activity to a room or a part of the venue and divide the time into different 20-30 minute "periods", then stock supplies.  For instance, for the class of "art" you will need to prepare some cardboard, stickers, stencils, glue sticks, and a variety of tissue paper. Arrange all the necessary supplies on the table and suggest some ideas about how to make fun designs. Or plan "a visit to the library". Get help from other moms or older children: get them dressed up as "librarians" and ask them to read short stories to the kids. During "gym", invite the kids to go outside to play kickball. These are only some of the ideas—the possibilities are endless! So just be creative.

 Step 3: Plan a "school lunch".

Use a bell to ring between each period and consider giving a warning bell to let the kids know that it is time to finish their activities. Transform your dining room or kitchen into a "school cafeteria". Get the kids line up to be served some food just like in a real lunch room. You will need plastic trays, milk boxes, chicken fingers, and chocolate chip cookies. Make the kids feel as if they were having a meal at the school cafeteria!

 Step 4: Give out school-themed party favors

At the end of the party consider giving away some school party favors. For example, a pencil case filled with colored pens, erasers, and a fun notepad are sure to come in handy in school!

2. Sports Team Kickoff.

Those parents whose children play football, baseball, soccer or basketball may want to celebrate the beginning of the fall sports season with a party for everybody on the team. At the party kids will make new friends, meet the coach, and chat about the game with a sports party. How excited the coach will be to have engaged parents who are equally committed to making the team a success! Below are some fun sports party ideas to kickstart the season: 

1. Send sports party invitations informing about the event, date, time, and location.

2. Get plain white tees and paint to design special team practice shirts that will be favorite t-shirts throughout the school year. The children can paint the bottoms of their feet and walk on the shirts, and then write something like "Stepping Together" or "Kicking Together" or "In Step with Each Other". These signature shirts will serve as excellent sports party favors too.

3. Create a festive mood with numerous sports party decorations and don't forget to bring the food that is associated with the team sport like a soccer cake, or cupcakes that resemble footballs or volleyballs. Use your creativity and you are sure to impress the kids!

4. Encourage the kids to paint signs and flags that enhance team spirit. These signs and flags can be used later during the games by the parents and friends at the cheering section.

5. To make sports party centerpieces you should buy a large Styrofoam ball and adorn it to look like a soccer ball or basketball. Cover the table with a green tablecloth to represent a grassy field, or use a tan tablecloth to resemble an indoor court.

6. Consider making a sign-up sheet for the parents who would decide who is bringing snacks after each game. Don't stress the importance of who is winning or losing, just reinforce that sports is about having fun and playing the game.

3. Backyard Campout Under the Stars

There is no better time to host traditional backyard campout than summer. And you don't necessarily have to get to the woods to experience everything that camping has to offer. Plan an enjoyable campout right in your backyard to create a memorable outdoor experience for your family and friends. Here are some helpful ideas for planning an exciting overnight in your backyard enjoying outdoor with your family and friends:

Guest list: Figure out who you want to invite. Think whether it is going to be a party for the neighborhood kids only or you would like to have both kids and adults in your guest list. Be realistic about how many tents you can pitch in your backyard to determine the number of guests. After you decided who you'd like to invite to this special backyard campout, send a camping-inspired invitation to the guests.

Supplies: You will need such supplies: tents, pillows, sleeping bags, flashlights, bug spray and food. Choose what you are willing and able to provide and ask guests to bring the rest. It's OK to ask guests to come with their own sleeping bags and pillows. Some guests may even bring their own tents too.

Timing: Ask guests to come in the afternoon or early evening so that they would be able to pitch their tents on level, grassy surfaces before it gets dark. They can also bring air mattresses for extra comfort.

Activities: Before it gets dark the guests can play games like horseshoes and volleyball. If there is a swimming pool in your backyard, let guests know that they will need their bathing suits. After dark, consider making s'mores and telling ghost stories. Or consider games like Truth or Dare, Two Truths and a Lie, or other games that can be played using flashlights and lanterns. Finally, if the night is clear add some educational aspect to the outing by checking out the stars and constellations.

Food: For dinner, you can make simple food like hotdogs and hamburgers cooked over the fire or on a grill, as well as grilled vegetables and corn on the cob. After that add corn, bread and potato salad as pre-made sides. For dessert, consider roasting marshmallows on the fire to make s'mores. Make sure the guests have found enough sticks during the daylight to use them for roasting their marshmallows. For breakfast, treat kids with bagels and juice boxes.

4. Invitations for Your Back to School Party

If your kids dreads going back to school it would be a good idea to throw a back to school party to get students excited about studying. And the first thing you should do when planning a party is to send party invitations to notify everyone about the celebration!

The easiest and the quickest way to invite your guests to the party is to send stylish online invitations. Make sure your invitation contains all the important information concerning the coming event, including location, time, and date. Also don't forget to provide other pertinent information about the party, like stuff they need to bring with them to the party, whether the party is for kids only or parents are invited as well and whether the party has a specific theme.

 It would be nice to stage a back to school party a week before school starts. But if it is not convenient to you or you have some other celebration (such as Labor Day parties) it is acceptable to host the party within the first week or even month of school.

5. Back to School Party Games

Planning a back to school party you will need a nice collection of exciting games to entertain kids. Below you will find a number of games and exciting activities that the kids will not only enjoy and that will encourage them to get back to the classroom.

Trivia: Suggest kids playing a fun game of trivia to help them get ready for class. Consider creating various categories that not cover school subjects like Math or History. Put down questions on flash cards and take turns asking and answering them.

Gym class: Encourage kids to play any game they would play in gym class, such as baseball or flag football. If you wish you may even make an obstacle course in your backyard for a mini "ropes course"!

School supply scavenger hunt: Organize a school supply scavenger hunt in your backyard for the kids! You will need to purchase some school supplies such as pencils, erasers, and binders at your local school supply store. Find a suitable moment when kids are out to hide the supplies around your backyard and home. Then, make a few clue cards with vague descriptions of locations where each item is hidden.

Name that snack: To play this lunchtime guessing game, blindfold kids and ask them to try to name each different kind of lunchtime food they taste. You may offer things like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Oreos, and juice boxes. In fact, you can use anything you like – just be creative! Prepare cute prizes for correct answers and to award kids who have the most off beat guesses!

Of course, the list of back to school party games can go on and on. In fact, kids can play whatever they like as long as they are excited about it and have fun. If there are kids at your back to school party who meet each other for the first time, suggest playing ice breakers such as the name game to help them get acquainted with each other before school starts.

6. Preschool Princess Party

Nearly every preschool student feels excited, but a little bit scary to start a school, make new friends and meet the teachers. But if the kid has a friend in class adjustment to a new environment will be much easier. And hosting a back to school princess party will help your child get acquainted with other kids in class and foster early friendships!

Whether you are going to have a carefree or an organized party, you had better plan fun activities that preschool girls will enjoy. We offer a few suggestions how to delight your little preschool princesses. 

1. When inviting all of the girls from class, make sure you tell them that it is going to be a back to school princess party so all the guests should come dressed as princesses. You may have extra dresses prepared just in case some of the guests arrive without a costume.

2. The invited preschool princess will be delighted to help decorate cookies or mini-muffins, make homemade lemonade, and serve fresh fruit. While the adults are preparing the food, they can chat with young princesses about starting preschool and how to make new friends.

3. Decorate the room with cute pink flower arrangements and set a small table for kids.

4. Serve tea for all the moms as well so they can have a small talk while the girls have fun and get acquainted.

5. Suggest playing some fun preschool princess games. For instance, you can show the girls a felt board with different princesses and princess decor such as crowns, shoes and wands and ask the girls take turns making up stories. This way the girls will practice talking in front of the class.

6. Engage the girls in some activity that will unite them and will help establish a bond. For example, ask the girls make friendship bracelets they could wear at school as well.

7. 3 Fun & Festive Fall Party Ideas

The fall season brings many holidays and it is a perfect time for throwing a festive holiday party. Such an event is a great way to enjoy everything that this opulent and beautiful season has to offer! But before you start sending your fall themed invitations to friends and family, think of all of the details for your fall celebration so it brings only enjoyable experience. If you haven't made up your mind about the theme for your fall party, look through our fall party ideas that will help you get started.

Apple Picking Party: Plan an afternoon with your friends and family at any local apple orchard that will serve as a perfect backdrop for your family photos. Invite your loved ones for apple picking to enjoy the pleasant fall weather and spend time socializing with each other. You may continue the party into the evening and add your freshly picked apples to your dinner or dessert. Or consider making apple drinks, such as fresh apple cider, apple pie, or apples dipped in caramel.

Pumpkin Party: Instead of hosting the traditional pumpkin carving party throw a nice pumpkin decorating party. To get ready for the party, purchase small pumpkins or ask your guests to come with their own. Be as creative as you can when decorating the pumpkins with paint, googly eyes, glitter, leaves, and other materials. Everyone is sure to enjoy pumpkin decorating as it's fun for all ages, and it doesn't involve so much mess that is left after pumpkin carving.

Fall Cookie Party: Why not organize a fall cookie decorating extravaganza for your kids' friends and parents! At such fall party families will have an opportunity to get kids involved as well. Before the party bake sugar cookies using seasonal cookie cutters, such as leaves and pumpkins. Then use a variety of different flavors and colors of icing to adorn the cookies so they look festive. Or you can also dye the icing yourself with food coloring purchased at the local store. Have the kids to decorate the cookies with different fall-themed sprinkles and other cookie decorating supplies you have found.

8. Back to School Party Decorations

Planning a back to school party decorations, it's essential to prepare the party decorations that will make your "school house" fun. Choose items that would associate with classroom, but will be bright enough to convey the idea of celebration. Whether you purchase or make your own decorations, make sure you use bright colors and eye-catching fronts. Peruse the following suggestions for back to school decorations:

Announcement board: To make a festive announcement board you will need to get a large board and adorn it using fun borders and push pins. Using letters you have bought or made yourself make a writing at the top saying "Welcome Back to School". Below arrange several "announcements" like a "lunch schedule" with the food menu and a" schedule of the activities".

School supply posters: Buy or make your own cut-outs of huge school supplies, such as pencil cases, rulers, pens, and so on. Go to your local office and party supply stores to get big posters with cute designs such as an apple and a worm or different math symbols. Hang these large posters around your home to brighten the atmosphere.

School colors: Another idea worth considering is to decorate your party space with jerseys, flags and other things bearing your school's mascot or logo on them! To add even more school spirit to the room, buy tablecloths, plates and napkins that match the school's color scheme. All this is going to make your kids excited to get back to school.

Teacher's chalkboard: Hang a large chalkboard or dry-erase board in your party space. Don't forget to prepare chalk and markers so the kids could write fun designs or write notes to each other on the board. Leave some time for a chalkboard game and play games such as hangman.

9. Back to School Party Themes

If you would like to have a themed back to school party to celebrate the beginning of the school year, we offer some of the inspired back to school theme ideas that will make your party a smashing success.

Back to school pool party: To make the last summer days even more memorable why not take advantage of the warm summer weather and throw a back to school pool party! Organize this party at your pool, a friend's pool, or at your local pool. Or just gather several kiddie pools, sprinklers, Slip 'N Slides and water balloons to host a back to school water Olympics and make sure you prepare awards for all the participants!

School supply swap party: This party will not only bring excitement and thrill to the last summer days but also will help get ready for the new school year. Each guest is supposed to bring a fun school supply item like a pencil case, a pack of markers, a lunchbox, or other school supplies like that. At the party, stockpile all of the school supplies in the center of a table, having given each item a number. Then put down each number on a separate piece of paper and ask each guest to choose a number and then collect the item that corresponds to it.

Back to school family cook out: Invite your friends and family to spend together one afternoon before school starts and host a back to school family cook out. Consider cooking classic barbeque food such as burgers and hot dogs. Don't neglect decorations: your yard will resemble a classroom if you decorate it with spirited homemade props such as boards, lab equipment, or lockers. If you want to save some time check your local party or school supply store instead.

New class meet and greet: As a rule, most schools post or send out a list of homeroom classes before school year begins. Invite everyone in your child's homeroom class to a new class meet and greet. Make sure you send out invitations far in advance to gather as many kids as possible.

10. Back to School Class Craft Day

If your child is sad to leave hot summer days behind and is not ready to go back to class yet, organize a back to school craft day. At the party kids can design many interesting stuff they will need during their classes at school, such as personalized book covers, name tags, back packs. Interesting activities that kids will be involved into during a back to school craft day will get them excited about heading back to school! Plus, these activities will offer kids a chance to spend together some time before the new school year officially starts. 

First, send the invitations with information about the date and time of the party and ask parents to bring supplies, suggest their own creative craft ideas, and bring creative treats for the kids. Below you will find some fun and useful craft ideas you can offer your kids:

Book cover decorations: Have the kids make cute and creative book cover decorations that will let them quickly distinguish their books at a glance. First, ask your kids to cover their books with paper using paper bags, construction paper or other material. Then, hand out some markers, glitter glue, and stickers so they could decorate the book covers using their own creativity and imagination. Before the kids start decorating make sure the name of the book is written on the cover to know which one it is.

Personalized pencil cases: A pencil case is a must-have for every student! So consider making a customized pencil case with your child. To make one you will need to purchase some plain plastic pencil cases and then give kids markers and stickers to decorate the pencil case!

Nametags: Have kids make fun nametags that they can wear during the first few days of school. Write the names of the children with colored pens on small cards cut from poster board or foam board. The kids are free to be creative and can paint various small designs on them to make them extra special. Then, get the cards laminated. Use Velcro tape on the back to attach the nametags to fabric. Or just buy plastic covers with special pins on the back of them and insert the paper inside these covers. You can also make these nametags in the shape of different animals.

Fun flash cards: Those kids who are just starting school will get a number of tables and equations they'll need to learn by heart. To make this mundane task a little bit fun have them design their own spirited index cards that they will use to memorize these facts! Then, suggest playing a trivia game with them.