Best Valentine's Day Cards

  • Animal Lovers Valentines Day Card Craft
  • Big Hearted Hello Valentines Day Card Craft
  • Butterfly Card Valentines Day Card Craft
  • Feet Heart Valentines Day Card Craft
  • Hearts a Glow Valentines Day Card Craft
  • Monster Valentines
  • Scratch and Win Valentines Day Card Craft
  • Secret Message Valentine

Express your affection by making your own adorable and charmingly beautiful homemade cards. With the following creative homemade Valentine card ideas this Valentine's Day is going to be a truly special one.

1. Perfect Pairings 

Sometimes, simple gift is the best one, and these cute valentines will please anyone with their perfect pairings of message and treat.

You'll need:

Packaged treats 

Card stock

Double-sided tape

How to make it

1. Get Treats and Stick Them to Card Stock Hearts Using Double-Sided Tape, Then Write a Witty Greeting. 

Or consider implementing the following ideas:

1. Tape on bubble gum and put down: You blow me away!

2. Tape on a small bag of Fig Newtons and write: It "fig"-ures we're friends.

3. Tape on a small bag of Craisins and write: I'm "crais"-y about you!

4. Tape on a small chocolate-covered mint and write: Be cool, valentine.

5. Tape on malted milk balls and write: Have a ball this Valentine's Day.

6. Tape on an Almond Joy candy and write: You're a joy to be around.

2. Valentine Butterflies

This valentine made of chewing-gum sticks and licorice will add some romantic flavor to the lunchtime.

You'll need:

Heart stickers

Sticks of gum


Licorice strings

Construction paper


How to make it

1. Take two pieces of string licorice and put them between two sticks of gum, taping the top and bottom closed to secure the antennae in place.

2. Then you need a piece of construction paper to cut two heart-shaped wings, after that write your valentine message on them, and stick them to the top stick of gum with a heart sticker. You may also like to add more stickers to give personality to your butterfly.

3. String of Hearts

This sweet Valentine craft will link you heart with someone you love in a perfect way.

You'll need:




Cookie cutter (optional)

Glue (optional)

How to make it:

1. Get a strip of paper that's about 18 by 2 1/2 inches, and fold, accordion style, in 2 1/2-inch sections.

2. Then draw a heart by hand ( or you may use a cookie cutter for a perfect shape) on the top layer. Keep in mind that the sides of the heart should extend out to the folded edges.

3. Cut through all the layers of paper except where the sides touch the fold.

4. Use markers or glue on pieces of paper to decorate the hearts.

4. Stained Glass Hearts Valentine

Making these melting-crayon valentines requires some time investment but the result is worth all those efforts. Parents will be engaged in making the craft as a little ironing is required here, but kids are sure to enjoy shaving the crayons.

You'll need:

Handheld pencil sharpener

Crayons (light and bright colors work best)

Waxed paper


Large paper grocery bags

Ironing board and iron

Permanent marker


For a truly spectacular presentation, consider hanging a beautiful stained-glass heart in a simple stand-up frame. To make it, take a colored card stock and cut two 4-inch squares, then cut matching 2-inch-wide circles from the centers of the squares and discard them. Next, cut 1-inch notches in each square, fit the squares together and make sure that the notches interlock, and finally hang a heart in the opening using thread and tape. 

How to make it

1. After peeling the paper off the crayons shave them using a pencil sharpener over a large sheet of waxed paper. Make sure you spread the shavings thinly and don't forget to leave a wide blank border around the edges of the paper.

2. Cover your ironing board with a flattened paper bag, then set the crayon-covered waxed paper on top of it. Place a second piece of waxed paper on the shavings and then another flattened bag. Heat the iron on the medium or wool setting, and slowly and evenly press the surface of the top bag. Keep on ironing until you see that the crayon shavings are evenly melted (you may peek under the bag to check).

3. As soon as the waxed paper is cool, your child can start doing the job - cutting out a number of hearts. If you decide to make larger hearts, consider using a permanent marker to print greetings directly on them. As for smaller confetti-style hearts they will be ideal for filling store-bought cards.

5. Valentine Finger Puppet

Young hearts will adore these lively paper puppets which are extremely easy to make.

You'll need:


Card stock

Hole punch


Googly eyes


Consider writing one of the following messages on your dancing valentine:

You make my heart dance!

I'm your puppet!

Let's dance!

How to make it:

1. Take colored card stock or heavy construction paper and cut a heart (you will use it as a template to make other ones).

2. Use a hole punch to make a starter hole for each finger, then make it bigger using scissors. Make sure the holes are big enough to fit a child's fingers through them.

3. Adorn the heart with a paint pen or marker, pain the face, and write your message on the back. Glue on googly eyes.

6. Secret Message Valentine

Transform just an ordinary piece of paper into secret messages for your Valentine. Watercolor paints will reveal the secret written with white crayon! 

You'll need:

1 sheet construction paper

2 sheets white paper

Black marker

Watercolor paints

White crayon


Glue stick

How to make it:

1. Take one sheet of white paper and fold in half like a card. Cut along the crease to make two pieces. Then fold those two pieces in half as well.

2. Cut hearts from the two small pieces of white paper. 

3. Write your message with a black marker on the second piece of paper, make sure that it will fit on the heart!

4. Cover the black writing with your white heart but do remember that you should still see the black letters through the white paper. Use white crayon to trace the letters onto the white heart.

5. Get a glue stick and cover the back of the heart with glue.

6. Attach the heart to a piece of construction paper and trim.

7. Use watercolor paints to paint the white heart. The wax in the crayon will resist the watercolor, and your secret message will reveal!

7. Valentine Cards

Make a batch of valentines that are all heart.

You'll need:

Construction paper

Playing cards

Thumbtack or straight pin

Pipe cleaners


Googly eyes


Black pen


How to make it:

1. Poke arm and leg holes in the card with the tack. Make sure that one set of holes is an inch from the top and the other half an inch from the bottom.

2. To make the arms, fit the ends of one pipe cleaner through the upper holes from the back of the card. To make legs fit the other pipe cleaner through the lower holes. Bend the ends of the legs to shape feet.

3. To create a head, cut a heart shape out of construction paper. After you glue on googly eyes and paint the face, glue the head to the front of the card.

4. Finally, wrap one arm around the lollipop stick. If you would like to add a Valentine's message, write one on another paper heart and fit it on the tip of the valentine's free hand.