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It is hard to imagine a more romantic and stunningly beautiful setting for a memorable wedding day than the fabulous beaches of Hawaii, with the gorgeous view of majestic emerald mountains, sapphire waters and turquoise waves. But many couples give up this idea fearing that they won’t be able to afford this tropical wedding destination. Below you will find some tips about how to have the wedding of your dream in Hawaii without spending a fortune.

Elope to Hawaii

Nowadays more and more couples prefer an intimate wedding for just the two of them. You may fly to Hawaii and have an unforgettable private sunrise or sunset ceremony designed for two, enjoying gorgeously beautiful beach fringed with magnificent palms and grainy sand sparkling in the sun.

If you like this idea, look for "Just the Two of You" or "Wedding & Honeymoon" packages offered by many resorts and wedding planners in the islands. You may begin your search with the major hotel websites. Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin, Hilton, Outrigger do offer affordable wedding packages that make it easy to get married in Hawaii. You can also search Kayak for an air-hotel deal online. You can score a really great deal if you plan very last-minute or about four to five months in advance. For example you might get a flight from Los Angeles and seven nights at a three- or four-star hotel on Waikiki Beach on Oahu, along Ka'anapali on Maui, the Kohala Coast on the Big Island or near Po'ipu on Kauai starting at about $2,100 for two.

As soon as you have reserved accommodation, you can call the hotel and find out what is included into their most basic wedding package. Most hotels offer such affordable packages that typically comprise the ceremony set up, minister, flowers, champagne, cake and sometimes photography and a romantic dinner for two.

If you prefer to marry offsite, at a picturesque waterfall, beautiful garden or secluded beach, a local island wedding planner will arrange everything for the wedding of your dream. You just need to search for "affordable Hawaii weddings" in Google or check the vendors listed on Hawaii Convention and Visitor's Bureau database of wedding planners.

After you exchange vows you can enjoy the rest of the stay in Hawaii as your honeymoon.

Keep the Guest List Small

If you would like your closest family members to share your happiness on your once in a lifetime event, reduce your guest list to just 10-12 people. If you do this, you still may qualify for many resort and wedding planner basic wedding packages that include the wedding ceremony, champagne and cake. Then, instead of hosting a grand reception, you can have dinner at a large table in the resort's restaurant or all dine together in a nearby secluded area in a garden or on the spectacular beach.

Keep Flowers and Decorations to a Minimum

You don’t need to spend lots of money on flowers and decorations if you get married in Hawaii. Here everything is surrounded by phenomenal natural beauty, creating an atmosphere of a romantic celebration. So keep floral costs to a minimum. If you plan a traditional Hawaiian ceremony, the most basic bride and groom leis, plus a bouquet will be enough. Most resorts in Hawaii offer beautiful chapels and gazebos for the wedding at the beach. With a perfect white sand beach as a natural backdrop, especially magical at sunset, you will just need to make a pathway of flower petals for your aisle.

Do a Wedding Brunch or Lunch

If you plan to invite about 20 of your close relatives and friends, it is a good idea to keep the celebration simple but still charming by getting married in the late morning. Instead of the grand evening dinner you may host a wedding brunch or lunch. This way you will decrease your alcohol costs, and possibly you might not need a band or DJ services.

Use Airline Miles or Hotel Points to Offset Costs

As a rule many U.S. airlines offer their members of a frequent flier program flights to Hawaii. If you have a lot of expenses before the wedding (for example, if you have a new house decorated, you may charge those expenses to a credit card affiliated with an airline to help boost your points total (don’t forget to repay the balance on time to avoid substantial finance charges). If you, or your bride or bridegroom, travel a lot for business and stay at major hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton and Westin, you can join their frequent stay program to maximize points so that you could be offered free nights at their resorts in Hawaii.

Ditch the Big Dress and Tuxedo Rental

If you dream of a beachfront wedding ceremony, you would look more natural and feel much more comfortable in a lightweight dress without a veil and your fiancé would look irresistible in a crisp white linen shirt and khakis than in a formal tuxedo. Such a wedding outfit will surely cost much less but will be more suitable for the beach location.

Don't Go Overboard on Professional Photos

Hire a professional photographer, but don’t order thousands of photos. Ask the photographer to capture the most important: the ceremony, your portraits and the main aspects of the reception or wedding dinner. Engage your relatives or guests in taking the pictures of the celebration with the digital cameras and recorders. Very often it is your guests who make the best shots of your cherished festivity.