Christmas Decorating Ideas

  • Cascading Ribbon Tree
  • Cedar Rose Napkin Ring
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Christmas Lanterns
  • Christmas Tree Colors
  • Cluster Ornaments
  • Create an Arrangement with Fruit and Greenery
  • Disco Ball
  • Garden Front Door
  • Hang Twinkling Lights
  • Mailbox Decoration
  • Mailbox Topper
  • Ornaments Cylinder
  • Outdoor Decorations
  • Oval Wreath
  • Paper White Basket
  • Pendant Lights
  • Put Out Pretty Pillows

Add a great deal of Christmas cheer to your home atmosphere with these easy-to-do decorating ideas.

1. Add Color to Your Front Door

If you have a bright white door you may accent it with the deep colors of an evergreen wreath and garland. To create a perfect Christmas look just tie on extra-wide red ribbons and add graphic punch. In addition arrange some twinkling lights so that the door and decor could be seen from the street.

2. Hang a Paper White Basket

Consider decorating your front door with a bright arrangement of seasonal paperwhites, heather, juniper, and moss in a planter.

3. Merry Mailbox Topper

You can decorate a square mailbox with a lavish bouquet of winter plants. Get a wide, shallow planter to be filled with pansies, flowering cabbage, cedar, fir, rosemary, lavender, and trim them to look like a Christmas tree. If you would like to add color or need to fill in gaps consider tucking in ornaments and oversize pinecones.

4. Try a Two-Piece Wreath

If you have a double-door entry to adorn a two-piece wreath will look really nice. First you should get a wreath that has a sturdy base to hold its shape. On the picture you can see that fresh evergreen was used here, but a grapevine wreath can be used as well. Then cut the wreath in half lengthwise with sturdy wire clippers. Use florist wire to decorate it with evergreen clippings, fruits, and ribbons. Finally hang half of the wreath on each door but make sure the two meet in the center when the doors are closed.

5. Create a Stunning Centerpiece

To make your home look exceptionally elegant you can create a very beautiful Christmas centerpiece. All you need is to get several bunches of red roses surrounded by white tallow berries and put them into silver vases that look like birch bark. Then tuck pieces of boxwood garland and sprigs of berries around the base of the vases and don't forget to add votives to complete the look.

6. Make Your Own Napkin Rings

It is really very easy to make your own custom napkin rings. Just spray-paint cedar roses (the opened cones of the deodar cedar tree) silver and glue them atop 2-inch-wide red ribbon. Finally you may tuck in a sprig of boxwood to add some flourish.

7. Adorn Your Gifts

Your presents will look really cute if you attach bells or ornaments. Our advice is to use the same color ribbon on all your packages under the Christmas tree.

8. Add Cheer to Outdoor Spaces

Don't forget about outdoor patios and porches when decorating your home before Christmas. Wreaths, large glowing orbs and, of course, candles will attract guests outside to enjoy a chit chat by the fire.

9. Metallic Sparkler

Consider decorating your Christmas tree with a limited color scheme, for example, silver, gold, and bronze to create a luxurious atmosphere without overwhelming the space.

10. Decorate with Colors That Match Your Décor

You might plan your Christmas decorations to match your existing decor, even though you will have to use quite unusual colors like cream and beige. If such is the case you may prefer to add accents in shades of gold and silver to match soft white-and-ivory color scheme of the room.

11. Fill Cylinders with Ornaments

These Christmas accents are very easy to do. Use spray paint to make pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments shimmer and put a bunch of them inside tall glass vases.

12. Don't Forget the Staircase

Don't neglect the staircase and drape garland beautifully up the handrail of a staircase, and secure it with gold bows as a perfect Christmas welcome in the foyer.

13. Put Out Pretty Pillows

These pretty pillows will instantly create a festive Christmas look without splurging on expensive décor. What an easy way to redecorate a room and change your look for the Christmas season!

14. Hang Twinkling Lights

To make your patio or porch look really nice hang twinkling Christmas lights on a fountain or stone wall in the garden. And even if the weather may be too cold to have fun outside, you and your friends will enjoy the soft charming glow through the windows.

15. Cascading Ribbon Tree

Forget about a traditional Christmas tree and decorate it with long, cascading tendrils of colorful ribbon, rickrack, and pom-pom fringe instead. You may visit your local fabric-and-trim store to search the remnants section for good deals on pieces that are at the end of a roll or odd-sized, and collect throughout the year. Attach ribbon right to an embroidery hoop and then just let it slide over the top of your tree.

16. Create an Arrangement with Fruit and Greenery

Get a vase to create an arrangement to last all Christmas season long and fill the jar with a layer of limes, red holly berries and lemons. Then put stems of greenery on top.

17. Add "Wow" with a Disco Ball

Get a disco ball decorated with the bow and long ribbon tendrils and hang it from the ceiling right above the Christmas tree.

18. Cluster Ornaments

You may just as well cluster small Christmas ornaments together. These tiny jingle bells look so nice when used in abundance. All you need to do is thread them together with a string and hang.