Creative Back to School Party Ideas

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Back to School is always an exciting time for most children as they are usually happy to get their new school supplies, special first day outfit, new lunch bag and backpack. To make kids even more excited about going back to school consider throwing a fun back to school party that will set the positive mood for the whole school year. If creativity is something that you can't skip look through the following creative back to school party ideas that will help make your get-together a success, guaranteed!

You'll Need:

– Twister "Pencils", StackerMallow "Erasers" & Marshmallow Confetti "Chalk"

– Nice bookworm cupcake toppers +DIY crayon cupcake stands

– Chalk placemats for tic tac toe

– Free school bus box printables used as holders for red apple cake pops

Party Details:

Consider the food you will treat the kids with at the party. We suggest keeping the snacks simple, but at the same time try to be as creative as possible. For the sweet table, you can offer some ABC chocolate letters, pencils (twisters), erasers (StackerMallows), chalk (marshmallow confetti), 123 chocolate numbers, gum ball apples, bookworm cupcakes with the cute cupcake toppers, apple cake pops and apple sugar cookies. Before serving the sweet table, offer the children some snack, such as apple shaped whole wheat ham and cheese sandwiches, bookworm grapes and apple juice. Just arrange all the treats on the desk so that kids could help themselves.

To make a nice backdrop for the party, get a black bulletin board paper and adorn it with a polka dot trimmer and the Back to School banner.

Don't forget to prepare back to school party favors. Younger kids will be pleased to take home a metal school box full of goodies. The older children are sure to like a lunch sack full of school supplies. These favors will certainly come in handy when the kids go to their first day of school! By the way, when it comes to back to school shopping, it is always convenient to make purchases online, especially if the prices are super low. The best place to look for the quality school supplies at discount prices is Discount School Supply and using Discount School Supply Coupons you can get not only promo items but also whatever you need much cheaper. 

Also you will need to plan fun activities and games for kids to play. For example, the kids can use chalk place mats to play tick tack toe. Another good idea is to suggest playing memory game and back to school bingo.

Create the festive mood at the back to school party by making creative handmade decorations. Use some free back to school printables to adorn the popcorn containers, lunch boxes, snack bags, mason jars and goodie bags. A good example of cute but simple DIY project for the back to school party is the crayon cupcake stand made with crayons and toilet paper roll!