Dad Is America's Least Favorite Person to Shop for

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According to the recent survey, Dad is America's least favorite person to shop for during the holiday season.  The opinion poll conducted by mall giant Simon Property Group Inc. has revealed that the majority of respondents (about 40 percent of the more than 1,000 people) are really excited to shop for children's gifts. 24 percent name spouses or partners their favorite recipients and only 2 percent of respondents like to choose gifts for dads. Unfortunately, data proves that shoppers would rather buy for their kids and coworkers than dear old Dad.

Probably this can be explained by the fact that the list of things most men usually use, such as cars, pens, golf stuff or briefcases is not very big. And the chances are that they've usually already purchased what they need and don't need a great deal. Another reason why fathers bottom out the list is that they're usually rather bad at wording their interests and coming up with lists. Since your dad probably is not sure what he wants, it's usually more difficult to come up with the right gift.

But gift giving is not a rocket science and has searched for tips on how to find the best present for your dad.  The best way to figure out what your dad or your kids' dad would love to receive for Christmas is to look into his goals and interests. Instead of thinking about giving typical and boring presents for men like ties, sweaters or tools which are, in fact, the most commonly returned gifts, view him as an individual. Generally men are not big fans of gifts like clothes or tools unless they specifically requested for them. It's the same as giving your wife a frying pan or a vacuum.

The best bet is to zero in what your dad has been trying to do recently. May be he is training to improving his golf game or is trying to lose weight. Whatever his aim may be, there's always something that will help him reach his goal and that is exactly what you should present him for the holidays.

Another strategy is to focus on some fun experience they wouldn't think of doing it for themselves. These can be guitar lessons or tickets to a big sports game. And the last but not the least recommendation for today is to avoid various gadgets at all costs. We won't deny that dads love them very much, but they are typically so picky about the devices that they prefer to shop for them themselves.