DIY Halloween Decorations

Spooky CandlesWe offer you the following easy do-it-yourself Halloween decoration ideas that will make your home look really devilish and awesome and will help you save your time and money. 

Jack O'-Lanterns in a Jiffy

Give traditional Jack O'-Lanterns a new original twist: get orange tissue-paper balls and turn them into proper Halloween pumpkins by cutting facial features and stems from construction paper. Then attach them to the balls with glue dots.

Black Candles

Get ebony tapers to spook up a creepy themed candelabra. 

Effortlessly Eerie Living Room

These easy scary Halloween decorations will add a great deal of macabre atmosphere to your cozy living room. First, take a page out of Miss Havisham's book and use sheet-draped chairs to make your room look like a real ruin. Then, get a cheesecloth "cobweb" and string it across a mirror. The last stroke: secure curly willow branches in candlesticks with museum wax.

Black Paper Flowers

This shadowy floral arrangement is so easy to make. Use typical harbingers of good cheer to the dark side. This beautiful black bouquet is made from cheap crepe-paper streamers. 

Phantom Presence

If you are looking for some homemade Halloween décor consider making this haunted house design and keep up ghostly appearances. All you need to do is draw a figure on the back of a sheet of frosted window film (Remlor, $14.95 for a 24"W roll; Then you should cut out the silhouette, the eyes and mouth, with an X-Acto knife. Finally, apply the film to a mirror, smoothing as you go. 

Food Centerpiece

A centerpiece of fruits and nuts in moody hues puts an eerie spin on an entertaining staple – a perfect example of creative holiday table decorations. 

Ghouls' Night Out

To implement this frightening idea, use glue dots to stick construction-paper eyes and mouths onto white tissue-paper bells ($3.80 for two 11"H, $5.20 for one 18"H;, and then drape them with cheesecloth. 

Black Wreath

You can easily make this eerie wreath from the same crepe paper streamers as the black bouquet.