Dream Wedding on a Budget

Wedding OrchidsWho told you that having a wedding of your dream should necessarily cost a lot of money? Forget it. Moreover, looking through most wedding magazines you can’t but notice that a modern, minimalist wedding is ultra trendy. We have analyzed the most popular wedding style: lavish, meaningful, personal and inexpensive, and below we offer you a couple of brilliant inexpensive wedding ideas that will help you organize the most memorable wedding on a budget.

Choose the Budget-Friendly Wedding Theme

The most essential thing you should keep in mind about how to plan a wedding on a budget is what wedding themes or styles are the most expensive and that is why should be avoided. Any theme that requires a lot of décor and accessories to create is the most expensive. It is hard to have a budget savvy wedding if you plan Autumn in Tuscany or Alice in Wonderland as the theme determines not only the setting (in both cases high-end), but also food, décor and even the bridal gown couture. If you have a small wedding budget it’s better to rethink the idea and focus on something less posh but both elegant and budget-friendly. The best way to create an inexpensive wedding without looking cheap is to host a modern, minimalist wedding. You may consider an all-white color story, or use crisp white with a single accent color like silver, espresso, grass green or trendy coral. Even a small quantity of flowers can convey drama, for example you may create simple centerpieces by floating a single orchid bloom in a clear glass bowl or placing a cluster of white or green hydrangea in a sleek, square vase.

Reduce Wedding Budget for Flowers and Décor

The more your décor is based on flowers, the more expensive it is. In fact, your wedding décor can be even more interesting if you incorporate such non-floral elements as fruits, peacock and ostrich feathers, branches or seashells which will help create your theme in a very beautiful and romantic way. The best way to convey ambience and romance and save on wedding is use candles. Putting clusters of different sizes and heights of candles on tables, or using floating candles in clear, water-filled bowls are examples of how to budget a wedding cheap.

Save on the Wedding Cake

A really ingenious way to budget wedding for less is to prepare a mini multi-layered wedding cake for the bride and groom while each reception table is served its own cake. This way you will make the cake-cutting ceremony more fun and interactive for the guests.

Planner vs. No Planner When You’re on a Tight Budget

If your time is very limited, then hiring a wedding planner is a sound investment. But if your budget is really tight, it probably makes sense not to invite the planner and invest that money into the wedding itself. Keep in mind that even with the lowest budget available do hire a planner just for the day of the wedding. If you fail to do this the bride and groom won’t actually be able to enjoy their wedding but will be constantly distracted by the schedules, vendors and other logistics instead.

Never Save on Wedding Photographs

Without question, hiring the very best photographer you can afford is very important. Let the professionals do their job to present you images that will delight you with those priceless wedding moments for many many subsequent years.