Fathers Day Crafts

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Father's Day Crafts

This Father's Day skip the traditional necktie and present Dad something he will cherish for years to come. And if you haven't decided yet what exactly you will give Dad look through our inspiring Father's Day gift ideas that include cute handmade Father's Day cards and crafts that will help you tell him how much you appreciate him.

Nut Frame

If your dad loves cars, bikes, trucks, or any other vehicles, then he is going to love your family photo in this cool frame.

You'll need:

Photograph of you

Washers and bolts

Small wooden frame

Black acrylic paint

Permanent adhesive glue

How to make it:

First remove glass from a wooden frame. Apply black acrylic paint to the frame and let it dry. Use permanent adhesive glue specially made for attaching jewels and glass to other surfaces or Super Glue to decorate outside of frame with nuts and washers. Let dry completely. Insert a family photo where you are riding your toy car or helping Dad in the driveway and then fit the glass into the frame.

 Mr. Incredible Cupcakes

This Father's Day treat your Dad with these creative cupcakes inspired by the logo on Mr. Incredible 's suit, to show that you consider him to be an equally deserving hero.

You'll need:

Batch of cupcakes baked in red or yellow cupcake liners

Yellow M&M's candies

Yellow fondant

Red frosting

Rolling pin

Black fondant

Wax paper

Oval fondant cutters, 2-1/4 inch wide and 1-1/2 inch wide

How to make it:

To ensure that the Mr. Incredible emblem fits the frosting perfectly, level the cupcake tops with a kitchen knife if they are too rounded. First, you should frost the cupcakes. Then you should get the two fondant colors and roll them out separately between sheets of wax paper. For each cupcake, you need to cut out a yellow oval with the larger fondant cutter and a black oval with the smaller cutter. Then each of the black ovals should be sliced into two pieces and when doing this make sure that the left piece is approximately half the width of the right piece. Take a yellow oval and put the two black pieces on top so that they are a bit off-set. Place an M&M's candy at the top of the oval slightly pressing it into the fondant. Below the M&M candy make a thin strip of yellow fondant so that it looks like the letter i. After the fondant emblem is completed place it atop each cupcake slightly pressing it into the frosting.

King Stefan's Crown

To make Dad feel like a real king, at least during Father's Day, consider awarding him this year the printable crown inspired by King Stefan.

How to make it:

Get the template printed on regular paper or cardstock and use the scissors to cut out the shape. Secure the two pieces of the crown with the tape or glue.

5. Best-ever Barbecue Apron

Turn an ordinary canvas apron into an artistic kid creation that will protect Dad's clothes from mess every time he is cooking grilled meat with vegetables.

You'll need:

Fabric paints of different colors

White canvas apron


Masking tape

How to make it:

Purchase a plain canvas apron in Dad's size at a local store. Prewash the apron. Use the masking tape to mark off sections of the apron to give each child artist his or her own tableau. You can ask the kids to sketch out ideas on paper in advance or they can start painting right on canvas. You might depict food on the grill, family self-portraits, or Dad's favorite things. Then remove the tape and set the paint according to the manufacturer's directions.

 DIY Picture Frame for Father's Day

Get the whole family involved in creating some exclusive handmade gift for Father's Day like this simple but cute picture frame that will look good on Dad' bedside table or desk. Kids will be happy to help making the frame: painting the sticks and gluing them. Let the kids decide what colors to use and after the frame is ready, they can keep adding more ornaments.

You'll need:

Small ornament

Craft paint (2 to 3 different colors)

5 popsicle sticks

Craft glue

Paint brushes



Thin cardboard



How to make it:

Soak one popsicle stick in water for 3 - 4 hours. Then take the stick, bend it in a curve and let it dry. Paint 2 sticks on the front, sides and back with one color. Then choose another color and paint 2 other sticks with it. You may also paint the ornament you picked with a new color if necessary, let it dry. Then glue the 4 sticks together so they form a square. After that glue the ornament on top of the sticks. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the picture and attach it to the back of the frame with the tape, but make sure there is some space left on the top stick. Finally, glue the curved stick to the back of the top stick of the picture frame.

 A Pad for Dad

If your Dad likes to makes note, he is going to love this rustic, pocket-size notebook presented on Father's Day.

You'll need:

thin cardboard

three sheets of plain letter-size paper

brown paper bag

hole punch

glue stick


rubber band

small stick

How to make it:

Take three sheets of plain letter-size paper and cut them in half lengthwise. Fold the two sets of three sheets in half. For each set, punch two holes 3/4-inch in from the fold and the side. Using scissors cut two pieces of thin cardboard the same size as the folded white paper, then trim about 1/8-inch from the short ends. Cut a 4 1/4- by 11-inch piece from a brown paper bag, then attach it to the two cardboard pieces with glue stick so that there is a small gap between them left. Punch four holes 3/4-inch in from the gap and the side. Fold the brown paper cover around the two sets of white paper. Make a loop of a 3 1/2-inch rubber band through each hole, and fit a small stick through the loops. Use glue stick to adhere newspaper letters to the cover.

Mower Cupcakes

This Father's Day surprise Dad with these extremely creative but still delicious cupcakes and satisfy his sweet tooth.

You'll need:

Chocolate-frosted cupcakes

Black licorice laces

Coconut, flaked

Green food coloring


Hershey's Nuggets


How to make it:

To make a mower cupcake, you need to add a small amount of green food coloring to a handful of flaked coconut, then mix. Press a chocolate-frosted cupcake into the coconut to cover. To shape the mower use a dark chocolate Hershey's Nuggets for the body, brown M&M's for wheels, and a red M&M's for engine. Dabs of frosting will hold all the machine parts together. Use a piece of black licorice lace to create the handle, and stuck the ends into the cupcake.

Formal Greetings

Express your affection to Dad by presenting him this stylish Father's Day card.

You'll need:

Decorative scrapbook paper



How to make it:

Take a piece of decorative scrapbook paper and cut a 4- by 12-inch rectangle, then fold it in half to make a double-layer 4- by 6-inch rectangle. Cut 2 matching 1-inch-long horizontal slits about 1 inch below the fold to make the collar. Fold over the 2 flaps, then glue them down with a 5-inch-long tie shape cut from another piece of decorative paper glued between them. Using glue attach a pair of small buttons to the collar, let it dry. Finally, lift the bottom front of the card and write a Father's Day greeting inside.