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Show those you love how much you care by making your own gifts this Valentine's Day. The following creative homemade Valentine gift ideas for him and her that include DIY photo projects, food gifts and home decor, will help you express your affection to your loved ones.

Photo Transfer Artwork

This Valentine's Day, consider carrying out this simple but dainty photo transfer project to make a dreamy, stylized display of wall art. First, you need to print the photo you choose on an overhead transparency. Then apply a thin coat of gel medium to the surface of your canvas, and cover it with a clear gloss finish that you can purchase at the nearest crafts store, after that put the transparency ink-side down onto the gel. Then use the back of a spoon to burnish it. Make sure you carefully lift a corner to check if the image has transferred, then peel off the film completely. You may decide to transfer several images on different-size canvases and group them to make a creative wall display.

Make-Your-Own Valentine's Day Cards Kit

Start your Valentine's Day with this fun card-making kit for kids. They will not only enjoy putting together these nice valentines, but will also be able to present these sweet gifts to their loved ones. Wrap a cardstock heart, bejeweled brad, red crayon, and a blank card in cellophane. You may include assembly instructions that would remind the kids to put down a handwritten message on the paper heart before attaching it to the card with the brad.

Handmade Memory Board

This magnetic memo board is not only stylish, but functional as well. It is very easy to make: just take a cookie sheet and cut decorative paper to fit inside it, then glue it to the pan. This special Valentine's Day board will be ready after you add photos of you and your loved one, a handwritten poem or an antique love letter.

Wrapped Vases

Dress plain glassware into these comfortable sweater cozies. Get a piece of an old sweater and stretch it around a glass vase or candleholder, right side in. Secure the sweater ends together with a pin for a snug fit, slip off the glass, and sew where pinned. Cut off the excess material, then turn right side out. You may use different sweater accents or accessories like ribbons, pockets, buttons or sleeves to decorate your glassware cozy.

Pomegranate Syrup

Everyone is sure to like this tasty food gift that could be added to cocktails or sprinkled over pound cake or ice cream. To package this tangy syrup, wrap rice-paper tape (also called washi tape) around the top or bottom of an apothecary bottle and then use twine to tie a gift tag or a love note to the neck of the bottle.

Jewelry-Embellished Vases

Creating this beautiful vase won't take too much time and money. To make this elegant Valentine's Day gift, just fill your old jewelry with new life having turned it into a beautiful vase. Get plain glass bottles and apply glass glue to secure the jewelry for simple, yet creative designs. After the glue is dry, prime the bottles and then apply high-gloss paint. Add a bunch of flowers and a romantic and reusable home decor gift is ready.

Gadget Case

If you look for a perfect gift for the loved one who can't imagine his or her life without the latest technological gadgets, consider presenting a customized gadget case. With this sweet gadget case that can be snapped onto jeans he or she will be with music wherever he goes. Choose a pattern your sweetheart will love and don't forget load a playlist of his or her favorite songs.

Cute Soda Case Wrap

Making this special decorative case of your valentine's favorite soft drink or beer requires a few simple touches. Just get a piece of embossed red scrapbook paper, wrap it around the cardboard case and then secure it with double-stick tape. After that fold another piece of cardstock to cover the handle and cut out the opening. Decorate the package with a length of narrow velvet ribbon and a stamped tag.

Burlap-Wrapped Flower Vases

Put a nice bunch of flowers into a simple cylinder vase and wrap the vase with a matching-color piece of burlap. Make sure a piece of burlap you cut is wide enough to wrap around the cylinder, then take adhesive and line the top and bottom edges and the ends of the burlap. Attach the burlap strip to the vase. Use fabric glue to secure thin velvet ribbon to the top and bottom edges of the burlap.

Framed Love Quote Gift

Consider presenting a simple wooden frame decorated with several heart shapes to display a memorable love quote. With the help of a word-processing program, you can easily type your favorite love quote in red script and print; then fit inside the wooden frame. You can print the quote, "Love without reason lasts the longest," or choose another love quote you like.

Love Pillow

Make your loved one smile having presented a personalized throw pillow or T-shirt with the pretty pattern that spells out “love” with a heart. To create this sweet gift just print the pattern onto iron-on transfer paper.

Felt Heart Bookmark

You don't need any special artistic talent to make this pretty heart bookmark. Just get cream-color wool felt and cut a rectangle shape, then trace a heart on the back side; cut out the shape with scissors. Glue the bookmark onto red wool felt and after that trim the edges with scallop-edge scissors. If you prefer the stitched bookmark, mark stitches with disappearing ink and then stitch along the lines using embroidery floss. After that glue a heart cut from red felt on the front.

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

If you do love cooking consider baking this tasty homemade sugar cookie that can be presented in a cute package. When making the batter add a few drops of gel food coloring, for example, a rose pink, then cut out hearts with a cookie cutter, then bake and cool. After cooling, decorate the cookies with sugar hearts (adhered with a frosting pen) or brush on a thin coat of luster dust you can purchase in the cake decorating aisle.

To make the package just cut pieces of decorative cardstock to fit inside flat cellophane bags. Put a cookie inside each bag. Cut another piece of cardstock as wide as the bag and 3 inches high. Fold in half and place over top of cardstock-lined cellophane bag. Punch two holes in the middle, and then string a ribbon through the holes to tie a knot.

Special Delivery Candy Box

Even presenting a small candy box can be easily turned into a sweet personalized gift. Get a piece of decorative paper and cut a square large enough to cover the box lid and sides, then cut diagonal slits in the corners. Use glue to secure paper to the lid and fold the paper edges down, lining up the corners and trimming any excess if necessary. Download any Special Delivery pattern you like, and print it onto cardstock. Cut out and glue it to the box lid (or you may use double-stick tape just as well).

Framed Valentine Gift

To make this framed handmade valentine you need to punch or cut heart shapes from various colors and patterns of cardstock, and attach the hearts to a pink sheet of paper for a cute background. Then print the quote or make your own card, cut out, and attach to the backing. Finally frame it to make a special gift to remember.

Love Quote Wine Wraps

Preparing for a romantic evening, embellish your valentine's favorite bottle of wine with a cute love quote label.

Stamped Muslin Candy Bags

If you loved one is a sweat tooth, treat him with his favorite candy in a cute hand-designed muslin bag. Get a muslin bag and put a piece of smooth cardstock inside, then stamp an image onto the front. Remove the cardstock and set the bag aside to dry; put the candy inside. You can make several such gifts to present to the colleagues or use as a nice Valentine's Day party favor.

Valentine's Day Coupons

Discard traditional Valentine's Day gifts like cologne or roses and give the gift of service this February. Use this sweat Valentine's Day coupons all year round for a unique and offbeat gift that keeps on giving.

Library Card & Journal

This Valentine's Day remind your sweetheart what makes him so special for you by presenting him a unique card that lists 10 or more reasons why you love him. To complete the gift just tuck a handwritten library card inside a library card pocket, then stamp the pocket with a pretty image, and attach it to a nice journal.

Candy-Heart Frames

Use colorful candy hearts to embellish a simple picture frame. To implement this simple Valentine gift idea you need to cut out a cardboard circle to fit on top of a square frame. Then glue hearts on top as shown on the picture, then glue the cardboard to the frame. Best presented with a favorite photo of you and your valentine for a nice gift to cherish.

Romantic Movie Basket

Get a cute box and put inside your valentine's favorite movie, two small bottles of champagne, and his favorite candy. If you are going to spend an evening by the fire you may also add marshmallows and roasting twigs to complete this thoughtful gift.

Magnetic Love Board

If you can't make up your mind about what love quote you like most for your Valentine's Day gift, consider presenting an exclusive magnetic love board. Put your favorite love quotes in mini decorative frames, and then add magnetic backing to each piece so you could attach them to a magnetic surface.

Love Quote Apron

For the valentine who enjoys cooking, present this apron with a love quote you choose that would remind her of your true affection.

Handmade Gift Packaging

Such packages will work nice with jewelry, movie tickets, flavored lip balms, truffles, or a favorite poem. Put your gift into a votive holder, put a paper muffin liner on top, and tie with colorful ribbon or string.

Crafting Gift Box

Your crafting friend is sure to appreciate this gift created to inspire her year-round. Get a wooden box, paint the interior and line with silicone cupcake liners, filled with spools of thread, buttons, and cotton balls. Decorate the box with a big bow.

Valentine's Day Treat Bags

What Valentine's Day without fine chocolate! You can give away these cute candy treats solo or attach to a bag full of tasty cookies, anyway they are sure to be appreciated this holiday. To make it, cut a scalloped border around red cardstock with pinking shears. Layer with a contrasting piece of paper and attach foil-wrapped chocolates with double-stick tape.

Monogrammed Cookie Gift

Fill a cake pan with festive cookies places in pink cupcake liners. To make it personal wrap a ribbon around the pan and attach a paper tag with the recipient's monogram to the ribbon. Delicious almond biscuits or any other sliced cookie will work well with this fun gift idea.