Kids' Road Trip Essentials Checklist

  • Audio Book
  • Balls and Jump Ropes
  • Comics and Books
  • Books
  • Bottles of Water
  • Extra Diapers and Wipes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fruit Plate
  • Notebook and Colored Pencils
  • Organizer Notebook and Colored pencils
  • Portable DVD Player with Headrest case
  • Road Trip Bingo

When planning your with kids, make sure to read the following  packing list of items essential for road travel to keep your children busy all road long. Equipped with the gear below you will avoid being frequently asked how long the trip is going to last.


  • Illustrated books, periodicals about your kids’ favorite subject, and, of course, comics
  • Games, for examples the license plate game or travel bingo
  • Portable DVD player with DVDs and earphones
  • Audio books for the whole family to enjoy, most children do love the Harry Potter series or “The Chronicles of Narnia”
  • Sketchbook, washable markers, and colored pencils
  • Scrapbook envelope—ask you kids to be responsible for collecting booklets, postcards and ticket stubs for a scrapbook
  • Pre-stamped blank postcards you can get at the post office for the kids to draw
  • Postcards you can buy on the road; you may ask your kids to write letters to your relatives, or friends
  • Some easy origami or other craft supplies which don’t require scissor
  • Doodling doodads: a small dry-erase board, Etch A Sketch, Magna Doodle
  • Tape recorder: Let the kids be real radio DJs and launch a vacation broadcast


  • Trail mix which will help keep kids not hungry longer and avoid greasy fingers
  • Individually packaged snacks which are crumb-free, for example as bite-sized animal-shaped crackers will be fine
  • Fruits like apples, pears and berries; or you may offer your kids fruit roll-ups or fruit leathers
  • Reusable bottles of water


  • First-aid items and drugs, including such must-haves as anti-bacterial wipes, bandages, Neosporin, Tylenol, Dramamine and sunscreen
  • Extra diapers and wipes, if necessary
  • Garbage bags to collect litter
  • Some clothes that can be changed if the kid accidentally spills something
  • Balls and jump ropes which the energetic kids can use to exercise at rest stops!
  • A blanket for short picnics and naps at rest areas