Las Vegas Attractions for Kids

  • Adventure Canyon
  • Aquarium
  • Silverton Hotel Aquarium
  • Las Vegas Attractions Circus Circus
  • Las Vegas Dinasour Exhibit

With a number of breathtaking attractions and exciting activities, Las Vegas has long become one of the most popular family vacation destinations. The entertainment capital of the world does offer an abundance of family-oriented attractions, including amusement parks, roller coasters and arcades that encourage visitors to bring their kids along with them to the Las Vegas wonderland. Not to mention fantastic hotels with all those elaborate pools, amusement park-like rides and nearby outdoor activities designed not just for adults. From theme parks, dragons to children’s museums, Las Vegas has plenty of sights to keep kids wide-eyed for days. We have selected the most exciting activities for kids worth visiting. 

1.    Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill's

Adventure Canyon's log ride features a 35-foot drop that'll have you screaming like a little kid. Besides, you'll have a chance to improve your shooting skills by shooting at bandits with an electronic gun during the interactive adventure. But watch out as these bad guys may shoot back at you with water! You will also come across the entertaining tombstones, "Wanted" posters and many other things reminiscent of the Old West. At the end of your ride, find out who scored the most shots out of your group. If you prefer to skip the ride, you can shoot water at your friends from the side for only a quarter. This can be your revenge if they pulled your leg for staying behind. As the adage says, revenge is best served cold.

2.    Frog Hopper at Buffalo Bill's

30 feet tall Frog Hopper lets children experience roughly 60 seconds of free-falling in a seven-seat car that includes one adult seat. At first riders are raised to the top and then are dropped swiftly to the base. Then this thrilling drop is followed by several bounces, similar to that of a hopping frog. Both children and adults are sure to enjoy the ride.

3.    Adventuredome at Circus Circus

An ultimate thrill-seeker's delight, the five-and-a-half-acre Adventuredome features thrill rides, traditional carnival rides, laser tag, miniature golf, bumper cars, midway booths, an arcade, clown shows and many other attractions. In fact, it is America's largest indoor theme park offering plenty of thrill rides to keep you busy all day long. The natural lighting, high glass ceilings complete with pink trim and canyon fixtures throughout the property make you the feel as if you were outdoors. Try the Canyon Blaster with its dashing 55-mile-per-hour roller coaster ride complete with a double-loop and double-corkscrew track or hit the Sling Shot shooting up like a rocket at a breathtaking 4G force. 

4.    The Aquarium at the Silverton Hotel

If your kids love Ariel and Sebastian from Disney's "The Little Mermaid," then the Aquarium at the Silverton Hotel is the right place to visit. It features the "mermaids" swimming in 117,000-gallon reef aquarium which are a unique sight to see. The aquarium also teems with the 4,000-plus exotic fish which do everything from blowing bubbles to interacting with kids watching from the outside. But the mermaids are not just pretty ladies wearing colorful fins and bikini tops. They are skillful in performing many funny stunts including twirling, flipping and dancing and even synchronized swimming.  

5.    Big Shot at the Stratosphere

Feel what it is like to be shop in a rocket taking Big Shot where you're launched so quickly, you might feel like the rocket itself. This ride atop the Stratosphere Tower launches as many as 12 riders even higher than the 1,149 foot observation deck - 160 feet in the air in an astounding 2.5 seconds. It shoots so fast, that you might actually get a feel of weightlessness as 4 Gs of force literally makes you float out of your seat. Thank goodness for seatbelts, right?  

6.    Discovery Children's Museum

Children will have great fun in Discovery Children’s Museum, one of the largest children’s museums in the United States located in Symphony Park, next to the Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas. Here the visitors can learn what it is like to fly a spacecraft or how to work at a TV station.  This 58,000-square-foot museum houses nine themed exhibition halls, offering children of all ages an array of learning experiences in a fun and exciting atmosphere.