London Honeymoons

Wedding BouquetIf your ideal honeymoon is incomplete without high-class shopping and first-rate museums, think about a trip to London. This beautiful city with irresistible European charm will create a perfect romantic setting for your unforgettable unique honeymoon. There is so much to see in London, including great architecture, stunningly beautiful parks, a wide range of must-see museums and, of course, famous London pubs. Besides it will take not very much time to fly there if you live on the east coast so the trip won’t be very tiresome.

Before you fly to London it is essential that you know some useful information about the country. The British use pounds and you need only a valid passport to get to England. It will take you 7 hours to fly from NYC to London and 10 and a half from LA. Once you arrived in London you can get around by tube (the subway), by double-deckers (busses with two levels), taxi or just on foot.

When planning your honeymoon in London think about timing. London is famous for its rainy and changing weather. The warmest days are in July, though the city can be very crowded at that time. You won’t be able to see London at its best in November as it is the rainiest month. Anyway, no matter what month you plan to visit London, always carry your umbrella, just in case.

 London offers outstanding sightseeing opportunities for its guests. You will find a profusion of beautiful parks in London. There are so many great museums with rare and exclusive exhibits that museum lovers can plan the entire trip around visiting London's numerous museum halls. Those who don’t want to suffer from culture overload should at least visit the Victoria and Albert, which boast a huge collection of art featuring Renaissance sculpture up to 20th-century fashions. If you appreciate modern art and works by Picasso in particular, then the Tate Modern is a must-see for you.

A honeymoon in London is always a great cultural treat. If you're lucky to visit London during the theatre season (May through October), don’t miss a chance to see a play at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. With a circular set-up and without a roof, this theater offers exciting performances in a unique and intimate atmosphere. The space in front of the stage is standing-room only, making seeing a performance really special. After the play you may enjoy a romantic evening strolling along the nearby Thames and crossing the river over the famous Tower Bridge, enjoying picturesque scenery.

London is famous for its world-class shopping. Here you can purchase not only cool designer clothes but also rare antiques. No shopping tour around London will be complete without visiting the massive Harrods store. Another place worth visiting is the Topshop where you can find a great selection of the latest fashions and great deals. At the Topshop you can get high-quality men's clothes and suits at the reasonable price. And on a Saturday stroll along Portobello, an outdoor market, where you can find a great variety of merchandise you can only imagine, ranging from jewelry to antiques.

To fully appreciate the beauty and charm of England take a bus tour to enjoy a one-day trip outside of London. One of the most popular bus tours is a trip to Bath, a popular vacation destination since the days of the Roman Empire. Here the architecture is really fascinating, especially notable is The Circus, a group of crescent-shaped buildings dating back to the 18th century. On the way you may pass Stonehenge, a world-famous group of mysterious stones located in the middle of the English countryside. Feel the glamour and richness of royalty on a trip to Hampton Court Palace, where Henry VIII used to live. This magnificent palace is known for its intricate maze among the perfectly manicured gardens.