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On Mother's Day every mom deserves something extra-special that would say without words how affectionate her children are. We have amassed a collection of fun and easy-to-make Mother's Day crafts for all ages. If you are looking for inspiration browse the following gift ideas that include fun Mother's Day crafts for kids such as gift jars and handmade jewelry, or creative craft projects that she can use around the house like a pretty pencil holder or an exclusive candle craft. Whatever you decide to make, whether it is a piece of artwork,  beautiful magnets, handmade jewelry or button bouquets, your mom and grandma are sure to love these easy but heartfelt gifts.

1. Monogram for Mom

Mom will be pleased to receive this special monogram that she can display anywhere around the house. You should buy a wooden letter of her first initial or "M" for Mom at your local craft store. Engage the kids in painting it with her favorite color and adorn it with colorful strips of paper, multicolored buttons and patterned ribbon.

2. Mother's Day Pencil Holder and Frame

You will need just a little ribbon, some paper and a couple of pictures to transform an empty food can into a pretty pencil holder. All you need to do is wrap green tape around a handful of pens until the tips are reached. Add bright colors and a great deal of fun by hot-gluing buttons to the tops of the pens. Then choose the frame with a large mat and space for a small photo.  Make an exclusive photo border by adding scrapbook letter stickers to the mat, and don't forget to use different colors to make special words vividly seen.

3. Spring-Theme Clipboard for Mom

Smarten up Mom's home work place or other space with these cute decorative clipboards that will add some festive mood and remind her of spring. Take a piece of colored cardstock and glue punched-paper shapes or various die-cut decorations like flowers and butterflies to it. Attach the artwork to the clipboard and adorn it with a ribbon on the top. You can hang it on the wall if you wish.

4. Magnets for Mom

Brighten up Mom's fridge with these charmingly beautiful homemade magnets made from felt fabrics, paper and buttons. For magnets made from paper, glue the patterned side to the flat side of a clear stone and trim to fit, then let dry. Attach a magnet strip to the back. For the felt flower and button magnets decorate magnet strips with buttons and other embellishments using hot-glue, let it dry.

5. Handmade Jewelry for Mom

Present Mom this sweet handmade jewelry on Mother's Day. Get some colorful felt and paper, cut out flowers and after that punch a small hole in the center of each. Purchase some yarn or chenille stems at your local crafts store and use them to string the flower shapes and some buttons together. Using this technique you can make a ring, necklace, or bracelet -just leave enough of the chenille stem to tie around Mom's finger, wrist, or neck. To finish whatever you are making tie or twist the ends together.

6. Mother's Day Photo Booklet

Surprise your Mom with this so easy-to-make accordion photo booklet for unforgettable memories that will last for a lifetime. Take a sheet of colored cardstock and fold it in half lengthwise, then use the tape to secure the ends together so you get one long, narrow piece. Next, fold the paper every four inches and use adhesive or photo corners to attach photos to the paper. Finally, punch a hole on the last page and decorate it with a ribbon that you should thread through the last page so you could wrap it around the booklet.

7. Wall Art for Mom

Kids will enjoy making this adorable Mother's Day project. Involve the kids in creating a stunning piece of wall art for Mom.  You need a stretched canvas and an eyedropper to add paint to it. Consider using different colors, but make sure you let each color dry before you add the next.

8. Mother's Day Flowers

Any Mother's Day is incomplete without a holiday bouquet of spring flowers wrapped in a unique way. Brightly patterned wrapping paper will add a personal touch to this classic gift. Just wrap fun paper around the base of the bunch and secure it with glue. Or consider tying the paper on with a ribbon or some beautiful lace for extremely delicate and festive look.

9. Mother's Day Flower Photos

Arrange these adorable year-round blooming flowers in a beautiful and colorful home garden to enjoy all year long. Create 3-D effect using cupcake holders and fuzzy felt flower stickers, while pretty paper will serve as a multicolored backdrop. As soon the glue is dry, attach the photos in a fun card holder for an amazingly cute display.

10. Handmade Mother's Day Bouquet

Make your Mom smile by presenting these handmade lollipop flowers with paper petals. To create a flower, take a piece of colored cardstock and fold it in half. Then cut out six hearts and punch a small hole close to the tip of each. Arrange six hearts in layers together and put a lollipop inside the holes so the petals fan around the stick. To create a beautiful bouquet you will need to make several lollipop flowers and put them in a simple vase to present to Mom.

11. Mother's Day Button Bouquet

This easy to make project doesn't require lots of time or materials and is really kids friendly. Involve the kids in creating this cute-as-a-button bouquet for Mom. The kids' job is to stack the buttons, while the adults will thread florist's wire through the button holes in each stack to secure them. Arrange the wires into the bunch and wrap them around each other to connect the buttons and form the main stem.

12. Pretty Owl Frame Artwork

You will need just a sectioned frame, die-cuts, paper, and stickers to make this fun and pretty artwork to present to Mom this Mother's Day. Chose the design that Mom loves most and cut out multiples in matching colors. Then stick the cutouts to the sectioned frame for a fun but creative artistic craft.

13. Mother's Day Time Capsule

Make a gift to remember by creating a Mother's Day time capsule. Gather memorable souvenirs from family trips and other fun special events, such as photos, seashells, concert tickets, or a map. You can even include a flash drive with digital information about events to remember into your treasure set. Put the keepsakes into a simple box or a glass jar. Make sure you date the time capsule and make it a new family tradition to look through it every year with Mom on Mother's Day.

14. Relaxing Mother's Day Gift

Pamper your Mom with an hour of private relaxation by presenting her a thoughtful gift basket filled with tasty treats, for instance, cupcakes and a smoothie, and her favorite book or magazine. Or consider putting flowers, bath salts, and candles into the basket. It would also be nice to do some housework while she is taking her time.

15. Cookie Box Mother's Day Gift

 Personalize your sweet gift to Mom with a decorative box filled with chocolate chip cookies. Purchase a white gift bag or gift box in a crafts supply store and draw or glue the pictures on it that remind you of Mom. Put wax paper or tissue paper inside the box and fill it with delicious treats.

16. Mother's Day Gift Jar

Speak to your Mom's heart with affectionate messages preserved inside this "I Love You" jar. Prepare several 1-inch-wide strips of colorful or patterned paper and write a reason you love her on each strip. Roll the message into little rings making sure the writing is inside, secure the ends with stickers and put them in a glass jar. Make a label and glue it to the front of the jar.

17. Candle Message to Mom

Write or print a simple message to Mom and wrap it around a candle or drinking glass. Glue the ends together in the back and place it on Mom's nightstand, or use it to mark her place at the dinner table.

18. A Mother's Candle

Transform ordinary candles into glowing beacons shining with family photos and decorations. First, print photos or digital designs onto tissue paper and cut out the images. Wrap the candles with the tissue paper and secure it with straight pins. Use a heat gun to melt the wax until it saturates and coats the tissue paper. A hidden brad embedded in the candle secures the flowers.

19. Fresh Floating Candles

 Fresh fruits and flowers that are right from the garden (or the grocer's shelves) will add some refreshing touch to ordinary floating candles. Take a glass container and fill it approximately halfway with fruit or fresh flower heads. If you are going to use lemons or limes, slice them first and then place into the container. Carefully fill the container with water, making sure you leave about 2 inches at the top. Finally, place a floating candle on top of the water.