Romantic Weddings under a Cathedral Tree in Redwood Forest

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  • Romantic Weddings under a Cathedral Tree
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One of the most beautiful spots in California, the Redwood Forest in the Pacific Northwest is home to unique Cathedral Tree, which is one of the most popular outdoor wedding locations. If you are looking for romantic outdoor wedding ideas and haven’t made up your mind yet where you both will have the most amazing wedding memories to last for a lifetime, consider committing your love under a tree that has been here since before Jesus Christ.

It is hard to describe the feelings you get when appearing in the old-growth Redwood National Forest. To someone who has never seen a Redwood tree this ancient forest must seem to be something from a tall tale. It is unbelievable but true: the near-relatives of redwoods flourished on earth at the same time as the dinosaurs. Just fancy! Some of these trees are as tall as three hundred and seventy five feet and are up to twenty feet in diameter. Such a tree is taller than the Statue of Liberty, from base of the pedestal to the tip of the torch, remaining absolutely the largest living thing on earth. It is impossible to find a more remarkable outdoor wedding venue than the primeval Redwood Forest, an icon of pure majestic natural beauty. And now imagine exchanging your vows there, with the giant trees providing a thick canopy that doesn’t let the strong sun rays penetrate inside, creating a natural cathedral, awesome and mysterious.

And as if created right for an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony stands the astounding Cathedral Tree, surrounded by a lush carpet of ferns and a multitude of white Trilliums blooming in spring. An annual site of Easter services and a number of outdoor weddings, the world’s largest Cathedral Tree is in fact a group of nine trees which grow together as one. A huge tree used to stay at that very spot about 800 to 1000 years ago, but when it fell it managed to survive. The roots and burls of the stump sprouted and formed these nine glorious trees which happened to grow together in a circle around the original mother tree's stump, which rotted away long ago. Where else will you be able to find such a jaw-dropping setting for your most romantic outdoor wedding? With this virgin nature as a perfect backdrop for your most memorable event, you may keep your wedding décor as well as wedding accessories to a minimum. You can take your heartfelt vows standing under this towering natural cathedral, right under a beam of light as if being blessed by the Lord.

After a truly romantic wedding ceremony, a quiet stroll through the redwood forest is something to remember. Like any tropical rain forest, Redwood Forest is multilayered and the tall trees form only the top layer while the grounds are covered by flowering bushes and 10-foot-tall ferns line the creek. The smells are so rich that they pervade all the area. Here everything is big, misty and primeval, making you feel as though you stepped into the time-machine to appear in the Jurassic epoch, lacking only dinosaurs to make a vivid picture. Like a real man-made cathedral does, the Cathedral Tree and all Redwood Forest give the visitors a lesson in humility. Here, surrounded by huge trees, you can’t but feel being small, shrunk and less important. A walk in this forest will make you realize your place in the universe better, feeling being part of it.

Those couples who are excited about seeing an exclusive bird-eye view of the magnificent Redwood Forest shouldn’t miss a chance to get to Redwood Forest Sky Trail which is a multi-million dollars gondola that shoots up the hill. If you look northwest from the Sky Trail on Inverness Ridge, you will be able to see a forest of burnt trees that stretches toward the coast.

The Redwood National forest is a popular tourist attraction which offers plenty of places to stay. When looking for accommodation for your family and guests consider booking rooms at the elegant Benbow Inn, which is now a National Historic Landmark. Such notable guests as Eleanor Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover used to stay in this mock-Tudor style hotel, overlooking the Eel River and surrounded by lush gardens. The lobby with a huge fireplace features cushy sofas, grandfather’s clocks, Oriental carpets and cherry wood furniture. The hotel offers various rooms that differ in size and amenities, but the most popular accommodations are in Honeymoon cottage, with vaulted ceilings, a canopy bed, wood-burning fireplace and private patio overlooking the river. The front door overlooks the beautiful Benbow Lake State Park which is just steps away.

With such gorgeously beautiful nature around, no wonder that the Cathedral Tree in the Redwood Forests attracts millions of couples a year who consider it the best romantic wedding location. Surrounded by lush primeval nature, brimming with giant ferns and majestic redwoods, getting married here is like appearing in some kind of a fairy-tale world and celebrating your wedding here is a truly emotional experience to be remembered forever.