St. Patrick's Day Decor

  • Charmed Wreath
  • Candle to Patricks Day
  • Green Bottles Dekor
  • Quatrefoil Clover
  • Irish Napkin Decor
  • Apple Vase

Decorate your home with something green this St. Patrick's Day to demonstrate your Irish spirit. We've amassed our favorite Irish-inspired decorations to help you bring the luck of the Irish to your home this March. The following creative ideas for gorgeous green accents to adorn your home for the holiday feature door art, wreaths, green glass displays and much more. And don't think that decorating for March 17 is going to be time consuming and expensive. Just place a dozen of green apples in a wide-mouth vase or embellish a white candle with a green ribbon. But if you'd like something more elaborate, consider making a beautiful decorative shamrock quilt to display for good luck. And if you are going to cook a traditional Irish meal for friends and family this St. Patrick's Day, don't forget to add some Irish-themed décor to your dinner table, such as rustic napkins and a charming St. Patrick's Day centerpiece.

Four-Leaf Clover Door Hanging

This simple but eye-catching door hanging shaped like four-leaf clover is sure to bring you luck on St. Patrick's Day. Purchase wooden shamrock shapes at your local crafts store. Then attach green scrapbook papers to the wood shapes with spray adhesive and let it dry. Use a utility knife or scissors to cut out the shamrock shapes. Next use a foam brush to apply Mod Podge and let dry. Make glue dots to attach the shapes to a ribbon and finally add scrapbook letters.

Yarn-Wrapped St. Patrick's Day Vase

Transform just an ordinary wine bottle into a pretty St. Patrick's day craft by wrapping bright green yarn or embroidery floss around the neck of the bottle. While wrapping make sure you secure the loose end underneath the yarn and finish an inch from the bottom of the bottle, then use hot glue to secure. Embellish it with a mix of different shades of green ribbon to tie on a seasonal tag.

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Make a plain grapevine wreath look really charming to commemorate St. Patrick's Day. Decorate the wreath with crafty clovers you can easily make from an old green t-shirt, sheet music, and scrapbook paper. For the clover, use the scissors to cut heart shapes from green fabric and patterned paper, then glue together to create a layered effect. Wrap wooden discs with twill ribbon and glue buttons to folded green printed ribbon. Use hot glue to attach all décor to the wreath, complete with chipboard letters and a pennant banner made from scrapbook paper.

Irish Napkin Decor

Serve the holiday table with rustic napkins decorated with rough twine, raffia, cording, or ribbon, and adorn it with a shamrock leaf.

Green-Ribbon Wrapped Candle

The simplest interior décor for St. Patrick's Day is a white candle wrapped with nice green ribbon and secured with decorative pins. Be cautious with the burning candle and never leave it unattended. And do remember to monitor the flame so it doesn't inflame the ribbon.

Real Shamrock Planter

If you have a green thumb consider planting oxalis plants (commonly called shamrocks) in jars, cups, or bowls for St. Pat's Day.

Green Glass Display

To create an easy green centerpiece use your home collection of green glass. You can adorn the bottles with twists of copper wire, or might decide to use the bottles as vases for stems of white flowers with tall grasses.

Green Apple Display

Another idea for a quick and easy Irish-inspired décor is an ornate bowl, jar, or vase filled with green apples. This simple St. Patrick's Day decoration can be easily used as a centerpiece and will look good on a bookshelf or a mantelpiece.