Tips on Keeping Your Wedding Classy on a Budget

Wedding GiftsOnce you start planning the wedding, you will immediately find out that it can be pretty expensive. No matter whether it is going to be your first or second marriage, the fact is that the average budget for a wedding ranges from $20,000 to $30,000. Wonder how to have a wedding on a small budget? Below we offer you tips which will help you plan a classy wedding on a budget and considerably reduce your wedding costs.

Establish Budget

The best idea to keep the wedding expenses under control is to figure out how much you can spend and stick to it. It’s quite possible to have a budget wedding for under $7,000 if you use the following strategies: reduce the guest list to 50, shop around for the best deals and choose cheaper options, such as getting married in a park instead of a church.

Save by Avoiding the Most Popular Choices

If religion permits, consider having the wedding celebration on any day except Saturday. You can also save on wedding if you choose a different day for bridal services. Elegant small weddings are trendy now, so you may choose a lunch reception instead of dinner. Typically at a luncheon you can do lighter fare, for instance, you can order a salad, roast chicken and dessert for as low as $40 a person.

Search out Free or Low-Cost Options

You may even manage to have a wedding on a $5,000 budget if you look for less expensive alternatives of wedding venues and vendors. For example, those who plan a small intimate wedding can cut down the expenses arranging a backyard or park ceremony. Hiring students to play on the wedding is also a sound idea. You may consider hiring a photography or culinary student as well. Another cost conscious option is to pay for alcohol by consumption if you are sure that your guests won’t consume much.

Shop at Unexpected Locations

You can easily cut your flower bill in half by shopping at a grocery store. Also keep an eye on great deals available online. For example you can buy a new end-of-season Alfred Angelo wedding dress on eBay for only $250. To save on the wedding dress consider looking for the bride’s gown in the bridesmaids' department at a small bridal shop. If you loved the dress but the color is not suitable for the bride you may request this dress in ivory, for example.

Do It Yourself

Organizing wedding, be creative and try to make as much as possible yourself. For example, you could make your own wedding invitations on the computer and print them off on paper for $1 each. To save on RSVP stationery and postage, you may create your own website and ask guests to RSVP to your invitations online. Moreover, knowing how many guests will be attending is vital to keeping costs under control, especially at large weddings to prevent spending money on guests who won't come.

Let Your Friends and Relatives Contribute

Your relatives or friends may wish to contribute to your wedding by offering their skills or luxury items. Someone may suggest making a wedding cake or lending you a luxury car for the wedding ceremony.

Consider Renting or Buying Used

If you are going to use something exclusively for the wedding ceremony renting wedding stuff is a very sound strategy. You can rent your wedding decorations in some party rental shops or consider buying used tulle, candelabras and flower garlands to reduce costs by half.