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Nothing can be more romantic than stunningly beautiful sunrise on the beach or an intimate late afternoon beach wedding with dramatic sunset as a final backdrop followed by tiki torch or candlelight reception. Even midday weddings at sparkling daylight can offer tons of glamorous fun for your beach wedding. Besides beach wedding ceremonies allow great leeway of flexibility, and intimacy, not to mention that they are relatively inexpensive, extremely personal and absolutely "stress free". No wonder that thousands of couples choose to have a romantic beach wedding and would like to benefit from all beach wedding advantages mentioned above. If you are one of those couples who are thinking about having an unforgettably beautiful and romantic beach wedding ceremony, here are some tips that will help you organize a truly unique and memorable event filled with bright and happy moments you will cherish for years to come.

1. Choose the destination.

The first thing you should do to plan your dream wedding right is choose a romantic beach wedding destination and come up with a wedding and travel budget. Once you figure out where you want to get married it is a good starting point for your future wedding as your beach destination is likely to provide entertainment for your guests, and it can be the place your honeymoon will begin with.

2. Comply with local laws, rules, regulations and licensing.

Find out if there are special permits required to rent that part of beach to hold your wedding reception there, and don't forget to inquire about any alcoholic beverage restrictions. Make sure you find out if you will have some privacy while you are exchanging your vows on that stretch of beach.

3. Check out the weather.

Find out about the weather and tides in that beach area for your chosen season. If you considered all mentioned above you should be ready to set the date.

4. Learn about the peculiarities of beach weddings as much as possible.

On the one hand beach weddings can be extremely exciting, with tons of fun for you and your guests and lots of cost-saving opportunities. On the other hand beach weddings can become real disasters if you don't know what to anticipate, or have no "Plan B" in case of rain or strong wind. A beach wedding requires a very thorough planning which should take into account such considerations as melting wedding cakes, "melting guests", thirst, not to mention provision for shade, water, bathroom access, and perhaps insect repellent. Make sure you will have access for shelter in the event of rain. If you handle all these details successfully, you're likely to enjoy a "stress free," romantic start to a happy life together - and the truly memorable beach wedding of your dreams! 

5. Notify guests to save the date.

Naturally, you need to let your friends and relatives know about the date and location of your coming event as soon as possible. Think of how you will notify them: you may send some great "save the date" cards or might prefer to make a photo postcard of the two of you or the chosen location and add some essential information about the event. Do remember that your guests have to make their vacation and travel plans too as well as come up with suitable wedding gifts.

6. Ask for wedding and honeymoon packages and discounts.

To make travel and accommodation more affordable both to you and your friends check Orbitz.com, OneTravel.com or Booking.com for travel packages and discounts for your wedding party and guests. Another good source for discounted hotel rooms is hotels.com offering a huge selection of accommodation option for all budgets. Book a block of rooms for you and your friends at a vacation price your friends won't be able refuse! After all, you need to make this wedding travel affordable not only for you but for them as well.

7. Set up your wedding website.

Consider getting one of pre-designed website packages that provides features helping you coordinate your beach wedding with your guests and notify them about all the necessary information in a fun and creative way. Like Facebook, these websites are very easy to use and you won't require any special skills to post updates on your beach wedding plans and details, photos, events, pre-travel parties, weather and maps and even your wedding registry if you plan a big event. All of these websites feature a wedding blog, and some even help with budgeting and coordinating your service providers. Some of them have a special email function to let you update all your guests at once or notify them about new information on your wedding blog.

8. Get local help at your beach wedding destination.

Get local help at your beach wedding destination and, if possible, visit the site before the event. If you can afford it and if you are not familiar with your beach wedding location, consider hiring a local consultant or a wedding planner who will help you get everything organized the best way. In some case the resort wedding planner is committed to providing these services or even your travel package will cover much of this. But if you are not getting married at the hotel, you might save a great deal of money and have more room by hosting your event at the beachside location of a restaurant with local island music and tiki torches. Getting valuable assistance from a consultant who knows everything about local vendors and wedding venues will save you not only money elsewhere but also many headaches.