Wedding in Cochem, Germany

Wedding СarouselIf you are seeking for a spot of serene beauty which is not overcrowded by numerous tourists but is inspiringly magical, then Cochem in Germany is your ideal destination wedding setting. German weddings are known for their unique wedding traditions. Castle weddings are very popular in Germany as nowhere else in Europe will you be able to find such a bounty of old castles which will turn your castle wedding in a real fairy-tale. If you are looking for a perfect wedding castle to make your Gothyc-style wedding a really fabulous one, consider visiting Cochem. This charmingly beautiful half-timbered town is 55km along the Mosel River as it winds from Koblenz. Cochem is mostly known for its Reichsburg, a turreted medieval-style castle rising majestically above the town. This old castle with battlements was built atop a mighty rock high above town in 1877, using the original ground-plans of a castle dating back to the eleventh century. The fortress offers a fantastic view of the town and the Mosel and is built in a late-Gothic style, with a splendid layout of magnificent towers. The interior of the castle is equally impressive. Imagine your grand wedding reception held in its marvelous knight’s hall or banqueting hall, and a touching wedding ceremony in the beautiful castle chapel. The atmosphere of this unique building will take you and your family and guests back to the Middle Ages and visiting the castle’s historic hunting room will make you feel as though you have just seen a spectacular knight tournament. Surrounded by genuine Gothic environment you will be able to organize the most memorable romantic wedding you could ever dream of.

The best place to stay and accommodate all guests is a historic Alte Thorschenke, Brückenstrasse. This centrally located hotel dates from 1332 though most of its rooms are in a modern 1960s wing. It also has a good restaurant that serves usual German dishes.