Wedding in Italy

Wedding DishNowadays when more and more couples are looking for unique and beautiful locations for their destination wedding, romantic Italy welcomes those who appreciate beautiful environment, friendly atmosphere, quality service and fine wine and food. Historically, Italy has always been known as a land of love and romance and is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with breathtaking scenery offering exciting sightseeing opportunities. Moreover Italy is home to some of the greatest masterpieces of art ever created. Can you find a better spot to exchange vows of eternal love than surrounded by the timeless works of Florence, Venice or Rome?

 Italy boast a multitude of historic churches, town halls and other landmarks with vaulted ceilings and elegantly painted frescoes available for setting the perfect romantic wedding. Those couples who prefer having a civil ceremony may get married in the city hall of Florence which is the 15th century Palazzo Vecchio. Here weddings take place in the stunningly beautiful “Red Room” decorated with tapestries and beautiful paintings. Religious weddings are a bit more complicated to arrange but still are available in a number of beautiful historic Catholic churches for couples who are both Christian and at least one of whom is Catholic. The capital of Italy, Rome, boasts a great number of magnificent churches which date from the modern to the Byzantine era to choose from. Or select Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, as a perfect backdrop for your romantic wedding ceremony. Home to the most priceless art collections in Europe, the Uffizi Gallery and the Ponte Vecchio bridge, Florence is a place you will never forget. You can set your event in the magnificent Sala Rossa, Protestant Church, or in one of the numerous romantic villas in Florence. The possibilities for amazing wedding locations are endless here.

If you prefer to run away from the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city life consider an open-air ceremony on the coast or in a vineyard adjacent courtyard. Just imagine saying your “Yes, I do” on a beach in Sardinia or dancing your first dance by moonlight beneath olive trees at a Tuscany villa. Central Italy and Tuscany in particular is famous for its towns, villages and villas which are magically beautiful and picturesque. Tuscany’s unsurpassed natural beauty, unmatched culture and cuisine will add glamour and exotics to the romantic wedding of your dream.

The Italian countryside offers an abundance of such marvelous venues as villas, gardens, medieval towers and chateaus that may be used for your special destination wedding. One of such extremely beautiful spots is San Gimignano which is the quintessential medieval village located in the heart of Tuscany. In San Gimignano you will be able to enjoy stunning views, unique architecture, and amazingly beautiful villas.

If you are going to invite 20 or more guests, think about reserving exclusive use of a villa for the wedding ceremony and the reception. Very often the wedding ceremony, including a religious blessing, can be held in the gardens or halls of the villa itself. There is a wide range of villas available for the wedding parties. There are villas rented with exclusive use on a weekly basis, those rented just for the wedding day but not for accommodation, and those that can be rented more like a hotel, in part or whole, for one or more days. All the villas have either kitchen services, or hired catering. Many couples prefer such a wedding as they appreciate incredible flexibility and a more relaxed atmosphere in an intimate setting that only villa wedding offers.

Italy will treat you with gourmet food whether you are planning a large wedding reception or an intimate family dinner. Italian restaurants are renowned all over the world for their most sumptuous food and drink imaginable. Italy boasts many wine regions that produce some of the most popular wines in the world, and Tuscany and Umbria, the centers of Italian innovative wines and cuisine, are attracting multitude of tourists to their vineyards every year. So you can organize your grand wedding reception practically anywhere, from small family-run restaurants retaining their quaint country atmosphere to elegantly appointed hotels.

One of the reasons weddings in Italy are so popular is its mild and temperate climate which makes a trip to Italy pleasant practically all year round. But if you plan an open-air romantic wedding you had better avoid mid-winter. July and August are the hottest months and therefore popular for those who enjoy beach vacation.

Italy not only offers extremely beautiful setting for your unforgettable wedding, but also lots of sightseeing opportunities as well. On your honeymoon, be adventurous and explore the different flavors Italy has to offer. Traditional landmarks and world-famous museums are an absolute must-see, though you will find plenty of diverse outdoor activities such as golfing, tennis, hiking, biking, horseback riding and swimming. At the Tremiti islands you can fish, kayak and snorkel to your heart content. There is an abundance of national parks offering opportunities to exercise and enjoy beautiful nature. Those who prefer winter activities will appreciate many world-class ski resorts Italy has to offer. During your Italian honeymoon you can also explore the volcanoes, including Mount Etna which is the largest volcano in Europe. Or taste exquisite Italy wines during your winery trip and learn how your favorite ones are made. And of course, no romantic trip to Italy is complete without riding a gondola in Venice at least once. Whatever you choose to do during your honeymoon in Italy, it is bound to be an unforgettable romantic experience and the most thrilling adventure you could ever dream of.