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There is hardly a more beautiful and scenic setting for your Lake Tahoe wedding than enchanting Thunderbird Lake Tahoe: Lake Tahoe’s Castle-in-the-Sky and its elegant Thunderbird Yacht. This historic 70-year-old stone castle and grounds rim the picturesque shoreline, with Lake Tahoe panoramic views and magnificent mountains being the perfect backdrop for your fairy-tale wedding ceremony.

At Lake Tahoe there is a real abundance of unique wedding locations. You can exchange vows amidst the waterfront gazebo, waterfalls and beautiful terraces with winding stone pathways, offering special secluded sites for your guests to enjoy.

If the weather is not perfect, there is Lighthouse Room which is ideal for the indoor ceremony. Your seated wedding dinner and dancing will be truly unforgettable at the serene lakeside lawn offering stunningly beautiful views to enjoy.

This romantic setting is so whimsical that your guests may like to have complimentary guided tours of the buildings, grounds, sculpted-rock small cabins and Thunderbird Yacht. In 1936, George Whittell Jr., a San Francisco millionaire, spent millions of dollars to construct this enchanting place, an ideal location for your magical wedding.