Weddings in Germany

Wedding Decoration IdeaAstounding the visitors with its romantic fairytale castles, breathtaking scenery, picturesque villages, elegant and stylish cities, crystal-clear lakes, mythical Black Forest and snow-capped mountains, Germany is an ideal destination wedding location for not only couples from Europe but from all over the globe. Nowhere else can you find such a unique mix of rich history and amazing traditions, gorgeous natural, beauty, wonderful architecture and a multitude of interesting places to visit. When it comes to planning your romantic destination wedding in Germany, you will be puzzled by a profusion of stunningly beautiful locations, including outstanding historic landmarks, the castles in particular, available for marriage ceremony and a wedding reception. In addition to offering a picturesque wedding setting, Germany also boasts a wide range of diverse places of interest, making Germany a fantastic honeymoon destination as well.

Situated at the very heart of Europe, Germany is known for its stunning Rhine River cruises offering spectacular views of the castles and fortresses perched on hilltops, first-rate hotel spas and Casino in Baden-Baden, Germany’s Romantic Road, home to the most astounding castle of Neuschwanstein, and of course the world famous Oktoberfest. Germany is so diverse that anyone can choose “which” Germany to select as your destination wedding location. There are small towns that were laid out in the Middle Ages along with ultra modern cities, such as Berlin, with its world-famous museums, food, bars and underground parties. There are romantic valleys in the middle of the country and Alpine rugged glory with picturesque vistas, quaint mountain towns, fantastic skiing and the most delicious chocolate ever made. And finally there is fabulously beautiful Christmastime when Christmas markets treat the guests with warming mulled wine, bratwurst and regional arts and Christmas lighting and seasonal decorations, with fantastic fireworks on New Year’s Eve, create magical atmosphere everywhere in Germany. And the list goes on and on and honeymoon in Germany is just unforgettable.

Germany has many facets, and all they are very beautiful. The Rhine valley, famous for its wines and vineyards, welcomes newlyweds to take part in wine-tasting directly at the vineyards and wineries and take a few bottles home for subsequent anniversaries. The Mosel Region is known for its Reichsburg, an old medieval-style castle with battlements rising majestically above the town of Cochem. On the East is the beautiful city of Dresden, home of the famed Frauenkirche and a treasure collection of castles rimming the river Elbe. The southern part of Germany is home to Bavarian Alps and a multitude of castles including the famous Newschwanstein and fabulous Baroque churches. All these locations can become a fantastic setting for the wedding of your dream. And no matter if you decide to visit Bavaria and the Alps, metropolitan cities like Berlin or the Rhine valleys there are many places to discover and celebrate your romantic wedding.

Why not become a King and Queen of the castle and make a fairy tale come true at least for a wedding day. For the ultimate romance, experience the sunset over Neuschwanstein ,"The Dreamking's Castle", and stay in a hotel nearby with the "a million dollar view" . This is the place where rich history meets exceptional service. Located about one and a half hour drive from Munich, Neuschwanstein castle is perched on top of the hill overlooking the picturesque valley of Hohenschwangau. The construction of this most beautiful castle in Germany began in 1869 by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was never completed and only partially finished before his death. Richard Wagner was the King’s favorite composer that is why the castle was named after a character from one of his operas “The Swan Knight”. The Neuschwanstein castle also served as the model for Disney’s Cinderella castle. No weddings are allowed directly in the castle of Neuschwanstein, but you may set your wedding in the vicinity, with this magnificent Cinderella castle as a perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding.

Any castle wedding in Germany is full of genuine romance and rich history. Also not far from Munich, sits majestic Castle Trausnitz overlooking the medieval town of Landshut. It is one of the oldest castles in Germany which dates back to 1204. Once the residence of the dukes, Castle Trausnitz has impressive fortifications and its chapel has priceless altars and sculptures which are medieval in origin. The city of Landshut is famous for outstanding gothic architecture in the city center and its medieval festival the Landshuter Hochzeit that takes place every 4 years. Landshut is the perfect place for your wedding if you wish a medieval setting and stay close to such big city as Munich.

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria and is only one hour drive to the Alps and Neuschwanstein castles close by. Munich is a big metropolitan city that is well-known for its exclusive Maximillian Street, cozy beer gardens and street cafe’s. If you decide to visit Munich in summer you will be surprised by a wide array of music concerts and art festivals held there.

If you decide to choose Berlin as your wedding location consider driving just an hour east of Berlin to dive into the world of unsurpassed natural beauty in Reichenow. Here you can stroll along the garden where past Kings and Queens used to stroll. This castle is surrounded by a beautiful nature park right by the lake. This spot is very romantic and beautiful and offers all comforts of a modern hotel.

Those couples who love snow-capped mountains will definitely enjoy a mountain cabin wedding at picturesque Bavarian Mountains. Whether you prefer a typical Bavarian Alp wedding decorated by lush green grass and wildflowers or a white winter wedding, a cabin wedding up in the mountains will be remembered for a lifetime.

A popular wedding venue, the Monastery, located about 40 minutes west of Frankfurt, is a beautiful early Gothic building surrounded by lush forest and picturesque vineyards. It is one of the most significant architectural heritage sights of the region that will easily become a movie-worthy setting for your most romantic event.