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Once you and your sweetheart agreed about the wedding date, it’s high time to start searching for beautiful and romantic places to get married to choose from. With such an abundance of beautiful wedding venues in Portland, Oregon, any wedding set there is going to be a memorable one, guaranteed. If you choose Portland as your wedding location, consider having a truly romantic rose garden wedding ceremony, the most popular among the outside wedding venues, topping the list of the cheap wedding venues. Experience the most unforgettable romantic wedding surrounded by a profusion of rare and beautiful roses found only in the Rose Garden of Portland. One of the most popular Portland wedding locations, the Rose Garden offers some of the best backdrops ever possible for taking the wedding pictures.

The famous Rose Garden in Portland and its acclaimed rose show is a priceless gift from the glorious past of the city. Initiated by Georgiana Burton Pittock in 1888, it has turned into a popular tourist attraction and a favorite gathering spot for the city residents as well. In addition to being a great leisure and recreation venue, it is now one of the most popular of the city’s garden wedding venues. Weddings are generally scheduled in picnic areas, but wedding receptions are prohibited in the wedding gardens.

The Rose Garden consists of a number of various gardens, each offering different variety of blooming flowers and beautiful landscapes bringing alive the natural abundance of Portland. For example, in the Peninsula Park you will find 9,000 roses in 60 varieties, offering its guests an ultimate visual treat. The park also has indoor places to have a rest. Another popular wedding venue is Washington Park, with wedding gardens (Gold Medal Garden and Shakespeare Garden) located in the very heart of this florist bounty. As these parks are very popular places to get married in Portland, reservations should be made well in advance. Portland Rose Garden weddings are limited to simple, standing-up wedding ceremonies as only a small number of chairs can be provided for the elderly and the disabled guests.

 Home to millions of blooming flowers surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty, the picturesque Rose Garden also features the Rose Garden Arena, a popular wedding place which can house a lot of guests. The arena with maximum 14,000 seating arrangement in two bowls is equipped with state-of-the-art acoustics and other modern amenities. With blooming and immaculate natural environment, elegant and beautiful, the Rose Garden in Portland proves to be an ideal wedding venue for many many couples who want to make their cherished wedding the most special one.