Cheers and Beers Costume - St. Patrick's Day Beer Costumes

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Sláinte mhaith! (Good health!) March only comes one time a year. That means that St. Patrick's Day only comes once a year. Bummer man. We enjoy a good Guinness. And, for some reason, it always tastes better on the 17th of March. And, it pairs so nicely with a shot of Jameson. Maybe, it's the magic of leprechauns. Making alcohol taste so much sweeter depending on the day. Or, maybe its just us. Have you ever noticed that you never really have enough hands on that day? The line at the bar is always three people deep. Meaning you have to order two beers so you can drink one while you are waiting in line for your next round. Eventually, you end up being the person that has to wait in line while your friends just yell their orders at you. Not this year though. You can be prepared for the craziness that happens on St. Patrick's day. This Cheers and Beers Costume lets you holster your beer so you don't have to make frequent trips up to the bar. Everyone you know will be jealous of the amount of game you will bring to St. Patty's day. Holster 6 cans of beer on your belt. And, be prepared for any time someone yells "SHOTS!", with the two shot glasses secured to the green suspenders. You'll be so much happier this year not having to wait three people deep at the bar. And, doesn't that Guinness just taste so perfect on the 17th of March. Sláinte agad-sa! (To your health as well!)

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