Coming to America Wedding Dress

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It can be hard to choose the perfect dress. A wedding is pretty stressful, but the worst part is always finding the amazing dress. It shouldn't be that hard. All you want is something beautiful, and fun. If only you knew what that looked like. Is it a slim, older number? Or, maybe it is an elegant lacy one with a fancy veil? No. No. No. You have a vague memory of the perfect dress. You saw it in a movie. It's not the dress Ally wears in The Notebook. That one is all lace, and buttons. It wasn't from Marie Antoinette. The poof they put on her butt was huge. It wasn't the modern kind that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City movie. It was something a little different. Oh, we've got it. It was one like this Coming to America Dress. The poofy veil to hide who was really under it. The light pink color, with some pink jewels. Okay, so maybe it isn't a real wedding dress, but it would be good for Halloween. It is such a fun dress. Plus, this one comes with a crown. It's the kind of dress a queen-to-be would wear. It would make choosing your Halloween outfit a little less stressful. And you would be able to brag to all of your friends that you wore the same dress as a queen. (Just don't mention that she is the queen of a fictional country.)

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