Halloween Recipes

Pumpkin Cake-o'-Lantern Go beyond the candy corn this year and throw a terrific Halloween party with these festive recipes that won’t scare you away and treat your guests with savory menus for spooky snacks and sweet treats.


5 1/2 cups flour

4 tsp. baking powder

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50 Cheap DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Pumpkin Head Costume Below you will find our selection of inexpensive Halloween costume ideas that will help you look irresistible in homemade creative costumes which are so easy to make.

1) Just imagine the face of your family and friends when they see you dressed up as a fried egg! To make this costume you need to throw a white sheet over your head, and cut a hole big enough for your head to come through. Put on a yellow hat and paint your face yellow with make up.

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12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Ghost According to the National Retail Federation Americans plan to spend $8 billion dollars on Halloween this year. But instead of purchasing expensive single-use costumes, artificial-everything candy, and novelty witchy tchotchkes consider crafting your own spooky house decorations like shrunken apple heads, flayed skin cheese balls or origami bats. With these creative home decor ideas your Halloween party will be a truly enjoyable one.

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DIY Halloween Decorations

Spooky Candles We offer you the following easy do-it-yourself Halloween decoration ideas that will make your home look really devilish and awesome and will help you save your time and money. 

Give traditional Jack O'-Lanterns a new original twist: get orange tissue-paper balls and turn them into proper Halloween pumpkins by cutting facial features and stems from construction paper. Then attach them to the balls with glue dots.

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10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas

Fork Intheroad Instead of buying that expensive Morticia Addams costume peruse our list of inspired and creative, but not creepy Halloween costume ideas that you can implement within several minutes.

Put on black outfit. With the help of white duct tape, make a line of dashes that will serve as your lane lines. Make sure that that the line starts at one ankle and ends at your collar. Attach a fork somewhere along the route.

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Halloween Contest Ideas

Krz Pregnant Belly From pumpkin pageants to monster mashes, creative Halloween contest ideas will add a great deal of fun and excitement to your Halloween celebrations. In fact, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the USA and Americans have got used to celebrating it big. For example, the previous year consumers were reported to spend roughly $75 on Halloween costumes, decorations, candy and party favors, so the total spending reached $6.9 billion. So if in you are going to splurge on fun Halloween costume why not show it off in public and who knows, maybe it will be you who will get the major award. Looking for a perfect Halloween costume check out Spirit Halloween Coupons to purchase first-rate costumes at discount rate. With a huge stock of various costumes for men, women and children Spirit Halloween is sure to satisfy all your party needs and will help you create festive look on the budget.

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Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults

Yellow Shovel Halloween is not just for kids and grown-ups had better get prepared for the holiday in case you receive a last-minute party invitation. No Halloween party is fun without a creepy or just silly outfit. If you have very little time and would rather avoid extra expenses try one of the following quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas that will help get into the festive spirit just in several minutes.

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